How To Use A Car Dent Repair Kit In 4 Easy Steps

You can fix dents on your car by either taking it to an auto repair shop or fix it at home by using a car dent repair kit or other tools. If you have a repair kit and proper instruction on how to do it, you can do the job at home at a fraction of the cost than what the servicing shops would charge.

How To Use A Car Dent Repair Kit

There can be various types of repair kits where you’ll find tools like suction cups, pullers, rods, hot glue, etc. A traditional method of fixing dents is to use the dent puller. Let’s take a look how to fix car dents by using such a kit.

Materials For Auto Body Dent Repair

  • A dent puller kit (You can buy it easily online)
  • Suction dent puller
  • A flathead screwdriver
Car Dent Repair Kit
Car Dent Repair Kit. Source: Joom

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Steps For Do It Yourself Dent Repair

Follow these instructions for doing a DIY dent repair at home:

Clean The Area

The first step is to clean the damaged spot and its surrounding area. Rub thoroughly after using a cleaner and then rinse the place with fresh water. Dry the place with a piece of cloth. Cleaning the area of dirt and possible paint scrapes will help the suction cup adhesive to stick more firmly.

Apply The Adhesive

Next, connect the glue gun with the power and warm up the glue.

Set the dent puller according to the instructions on the package and then use the glue to the suction pads. Remember that you need to use only a thin layer of the adhesive.

Put the puller on the dent in a position that the center pad sits in the middle of the damaged area. Let the other pads clasp firmly around the edge of the dent. Hold them there for five minutes and then leave the puller there for six hours. It will let the adhesive to dry and get attached to the dent very firmly.

Pull The Dent

Car dent repair kit
How To Use Dent Puller. Source: Ebay

When it’s finally time to pull the dent, start turning the middle pad in an anticlockwise direction. Do it slowly; otherwise, you may break the adhesive bond. Keep turning until the dent is popped back to the previous place.

Break The Adhesive

Turn the other pads to break the adhesive bond and remove the pads from the car’s surface. There can still be a little adhesive left sticking to the surface, but you can remove that by using a flathead screwdriver. Besides, it the glue sticks too tightly, you can use alcohol to remove it.
Scrape off the adhesive and then want the area again with a cleaner. Dry the place and then apply primer and paint to give the finishing touch.

The suction cup is another type of car dent repair kit that you can use for a quick fixing of your vehicle. These repair kits are not expensive and easy to use. So, they will save your money and the hassle of taking the car to an auto repair shop.

If you want to find more about how to repair a dent, let’s see the video below: