Auto Body Paint Repair: How to Paint Car Yourself

If you drive your own car, you know that chipping or peeling off the paint is a common problem. However, it is hassling to take the vehicle to a repair shop every time it bumps into something and peels off the body painting. In fact, it’s not necessary too if you know how to do auto body paint repair.

It’s true that the painting repair job needs expertise if you want to do it properly. However, it’s possible to do a decent job if you learn how to do it at home.

Auto Body Paint Repair: How to Paint Car Yourself

Follow these steps to learn how to the paint repair job at home:

Clean the Area

Your first job is to clean the damaged area. After that, sand the area to the level that the applied paint has enough surface to build on. Then, remove all the trims around and above the area where you will use the painting. It will make your job easier.

auto body paint repair


You’ll need to mask off the area where painting won’t be applied. It is normally the surrounding area of the damaged spot. Seal the joints between body panels with weather strip tape so that liquid painting does not enter those areas. Use a plastic knife to push the tape around the window moldings or windshields. Masking is also the stage where you prep the car for primer.

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Apply the Paint

Use a spray gun to spread the paint over the evenly and restore the vehicle’s old look. To get the job done neatly, pull the gun’s trigger before taking it over the damaged spot and release it after passing the area.

If you want to match the sprayed color exactly to the original color of your car, look into the manufacturer’s guide to find the color code. Purchase the color that is mentioned in the color code and apply on the car. Don’t forget to use several coats of filler and primer before spraying the paint.

auto body paint repair

Use a Car Paint Repair Kit

Another effective way of auto body paint repair is to use a car paint repair kit. A regular kit has all the tools and accessories necessary for the cleaning and servicing the scraped area. You’ll find blob eliminator, a solution for cleaning the chips, sealant, brush, microfiber cloth, a tool for applying touch up paint, and a couple of other things. Purchasing such a kit will reduce your hassle and save a considerable amount of money.

Following the process mentioned above or using a repair kit will help you do the repair job correctly even if you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of painting a car. However, it will be better to learn the use of spray gun by spreading paint on a paper sheet or something else if you are totally inexperienced.