Remove Car Dents Quickly at Home

Everyone who has a car can relate to the pain of watching a dent sitting right there on your oh-so-dear car. And, what is scarier than the defaced beauty is the expenditure you need to incur to remove car dents. But, here’s some good news! You don’t always need an agency or a professional to do it. You can do it at home with hacks that are quick and sometimes even dirt cheap.

Remove Car Dents Real Quick and Real Cheap

1. With a Hair Dryer and an Air Duster

This one is actually the most popular one and tends to work for most. One can find these two things in pretty much every household. So, you actually don’t need to spend anything at all. If you don’t have it, we’re sure that your next door neighbor does.

Simply blow some hot air with the hair dryer right over the dent so as to heat it up. This will result in the expansion of the metal. Then take the air duster, hold it upside down, and start spraying on the dented area. The cold air followed by the hot will cause contraction and the dent will pop out.


2. Boiling Water

If you are a DIY person, you’d love to learn how to fix car dents with this hack. Dents can be pretty hard to fix, given the stiffness of the plastic, especially on the bumper. But, this hack is so good that you’ll fall in love with it.

Simply boil some water, and throw it on the dent, while it’s still boiling hot. As soon you do that, reach behind the bumper and try to pop the dent. Because it is hot, it is more likely to pop when you apply pressure. Nevertheless, you must be brisk because the heat doesn’t last long. Alternatively, keep a load of boiling water with you to keep repeating.

 3. Dry Ice

This is another handy car dent fix. Dry ice is easy to find at any grocery store. It is also pretty cheap. Though, you will have to buy a pair of dry ice gloves.

All you need to do is keep rubbing the dry ice on the dent every few seconds until the dent pops out. As simple as that!

 4. Fixing with Glazing Putty

If the dents are very small and the paint is chipped at places, glazing putty will work for you. Use a putty knife to fill these dents in with the putty. Make sure you follow the directions on the pack. Follow up with priming and painting.It’s a great way to car paint scratch repair.

If the damaged area is bigger than what you may call tiny, choose body filler according to the body type (plastic, aluminum, steel).

5. Plunger Does the Trick

It is a wise idea to use plungers not only to unclog the drains, but also to remove car dents. Just make sure it’s a cup plunger and not a flange. It works well for small-sized to medium-sized dents.

Splash some water on both, the dent as well as the plunger cup. Now just pull and you’ll see the dent popping out soon.

Ready to go DIY for your next car dent fix?