Tweel Tires – The Airless Tires With Incredible Design

Traditional tires might offer comfort and safety to the automobiles. But now is the time to install tweel tires in your cars. Gone are the days where you need to fill air in tires for efficiency. The unique design of tires is the innovation by Michelin. The French tire manufacturing company is famous across the globe. Tweel tires are an inventive technology as these airless tires never go flat.

The name Tweel is a combination of two words Tire and Wheel. But there is no traditional wheel in these tires. You do not have to worry about maintaining the air pressure in these tires. And you are safe from tire perforation on the roads as well.

Let us talk about this special tires type in detail down below.

How Tweel Tires Work Without Air? Find Here

Tire manufacturers create the tweel by combining various components. Their special design differentiates these tires from the traditional ones. The manufacturers use polyurethane flexible spokes, deformable wheel, steel & rubber rim, and shear outer beam. The shear beam carries the heavy load of vehicle. Flexible spokes bend when the tires cross objects on the roads. The pressure remains on the spokes and shear outer beam.

Michelin is now making tweel tires for commercial vehicles. But it is not available for all the automobiles on the roads. The traditional tires require specific air pressure to run smoothly. But it is not the same with tweel tires.

The super strong shear band and spokes divide the pressure accordingly. The manufacturers are trying this technology only on slow moving cars for now. People often call these tires as the next revolution airless tires.

What makes tweel tires different?
Michelin is now making tweel tires for commercial vehicles (Photo Source: meangreenproduct)

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What Makes Tweel Tires Different From Traditional Tires?

The tweel tires with its unique design offer steady ride. John Deere is one of the foremost companies to install these tires on their machines. These tires do not let the driver feel any curbs or bumps. Michelin guarantees a long wear and tear life of tweel tires as well. According to the expert maintenance tips, these tires live two to three times than conventional ones.

The top quality material in these tires provides outstanding performance. The strong and flexible polyurethane spokes reduce bounces. These spokes might appear thin but are strong to the highest degree. A rigid metal hub makes sure you are enjoying smooth rides. You do not have to worry about the bumps on the roads. The stiff design prevents the tires from damaging as well. These tires have all the qualities of traditional tires to make your rides smooth.

The Definitive Guide to tweel tires
The strong and flexible polyurethane spokes reduce bounces (Photo Source: tiresandparts)

The Final Words

There you have it! That is all you need to know about tweel tires. The new technology is emerging speedily across the automobile industry. Sooner or later, you will see these tires in every automobile on the road.