Things You Did Not Know About Changing Tires On The Car

Replacing tires in an automobile can be a tough task sometimes. But it is a basic skill that everybody should be familiar with. Some people find it difficult to change a tire due to basic reasons. Not following the necessary steps or not having proper equipment might be some reasons. Tools and technique matter the most while changing a car tire. One must make sure that the spare tire is in good condition. 

Parking your car on the safe spot is important. It should be away from the running traffic. One cannot stop the vehicle on soft ground to change the tire. You have to find a convenient location while changing tires. Let us discuss the things that one might not know about how to change a tire on a car.

Factors People Overlook When Changing Tires On The Car

Changing tires right on the roadway can be dangerous. No matter whether you know how to change a tire or not. It is essential to keep things safer first. Regular servicing and inspection of the tires would be a wise decision. Most people ignore the necessary steps while changing cars and result in injuries.

The jack might slip from the position, or the tire can burst if you do not install it properly. Blocking the tires with wooden planks or rocks is essential. The car will not move forward or backward after jacking up the vehicle.

Here are some of the factors that nobody knows about how to change a tire on a car.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

The thing we tell readers most when they learn how to replace a tire is looking at the tire pressure monitoring system before tire changes. Tire pressure monitoring systems constantly monitor the tire pressure of all four tires. So the driver will be alerted if there is any change in this pressure or temperature. So if you see the alert. It is exactly time for you to change the tires.

Tire Age

So before changing a flat tire, you can check the age of the tire by looking at the tire. The rule here is never use the tires that are over 6 years old. Take a look at what is denoted as G on the illustration. It is called DOT code. The manufacturing time is printed into this code and it is three-four digital long. From 2000, the code for manufacturing has changed. If the code is 1806. It means the tire was produced on the 18th week of 2006. So by looking at this code, you will know the manufacturing time of the tire. It will help a lot in how to change tire.

The Tire Code

One might not notice the things written on a car tire. A number of alphanumeric codes are present on a car tire. Each code represents something important related to the tire. You should not avoid the codes while learning how to remove tire from car.  These codes denote tire width, height, and aspect ratio. One can identify the tire type, design, and rim diameter as well. It is because the manufacturers design specific tires for different vehicles. Some tire codes also indicate the manufacturing date.


Jack Up Points

Ignoring the jack points for lifting the vehicle may lead to serious injuries. It is because the jack slips from the place in most of the cases. Each car has some specific jacking points to lift the car tire. Using these points will protect the car from slipping. You may result in a huge dent or broken jack in the end.

Loosen & Tighten Lug Nuts

Jacking up the car without loosening the lug nuts would spin the tire only. According to the expert maintenance tips, you have to loosen up the nuts before the vehicle is off the ground. Same happens when you tighten the lug nuts without landing the wheel. Make sure to loosen and tighten the lug nuts when the tire is touching the flat surface. It would help while the tire changes.

Tips When changing The Car Tires

So knowing how to change a tire on a car is great but regular tire maintenance is even more important. So keeping reviewing your car tire frequently is one of the important things you should do. You should never let your car tire be flattened, rotate your tires according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and monitor for the tread wear. These tips are essential to know to extend your car tire lifespan. But still, there is know way to prevent flat tires completely. Proper care can improve performance and ensure the tires last as long as possible. Besides, learning how to change a spare tire since you will face a flat tire sometimes by checking out the instructions on how to change a tire.

What do you need to change a tire? You will need a new car tire and the tools which serve the fixing such as wrench, jack, wheelcheck, wheel nut key. There are also other useful tools like torch, gloves, reflective jacket, warning triangle, short plank of wood, tire pressure gauge. You should put all of the tools into a tool kit and carry on the car so you can use it whenever you need.

Some drivers are professional at changing the tire, but someone may not, even changing the tire is not that much difficult. In this case, we recommend you to take your car to the garage rather than do it yourself. It may cost time and money to invest and the result may not satisfy you. You also can learn how to change a tire on a car at the garage to ensure you are ready to handle bad situations if it ever happens to you.

How To Change The Tire On A Car

What Do You Need?

To change the car tire, you will need:

  • a spare tire
  • Jack
  • Lug wrench

How To Change The car Tire

Step 1: Find a suitable place

if you are on the road way, pull your car away from the busy traffic road. it is also recommended to use the emergency breaks for controlling your vehicle easier. Setting your car at a flat surface in order to balance the car and avoid your car from sliding down.

Step 2: Loosen the nuts

At this step, you can use the wrench. Place the wrench on the flat tire’s lug nuts and then start rotating them in the counter clockwise direction. Since the nut will be tight, you need put more power on it. Also remember that the nuts should only be loosen, not to be taken off completely.

Step 3: Use the jack

Placing the jack near the replace tire for the contact between the jack and the wheel arch. Since many car parts are made of plastic, incorrect position of the jack can break the part during the process.

Step 4: Remove the nuts and tire

When you have taken the lug nuts away, remove the flat tire from the car and lay it flat gentle on the road without rolling it on the road and making any chaos over the busy traffic.

Step 5: Install the spare tire

At this step, it’s time for you to bring in the spare tire. Put the lug nuts on the places and tighten them to meet a firm resistance and then lift the spare. It is important not to tighten the nuts completely but to place them well so that they don’t fall.

The Last step: Tighten the nuts

After turning the nuts by hand, it is recommended to use tools to tighten. To make sure the tires are in the right position, all the screws should be tighten together at the same time.

Summing Up

There you have it! These are the things that one might not know and should learn on how to change a tire on a car. However, if you are new to changing car tires, it is better to take your car to the mechanic, you also can learn how to put on a spare tire there. Keep these factors in mind to make things go the right way. And do not forget to follow our maintenance tips for better understanding your car problem and how to fix it.