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Turn Light, Parking Light, And All Other Lights Fully Discussed

Isn’t that a strange automotive query as to which light serves what purpose? Well, of course, this question is strange, but this has to be answered. There is a variety of lighting inside the car, and all serving a different purpose. Then one must know which light indicates what to understand and drive it better. So, we have taken the opportunity to discuss turn light, parking light, and all other lights that will make you more aware of your vehicle.

Turn Light, Parking Light, and All Other Lights – Here’s the Difference

So, everyone wants to know everything about that car, and it starts with understanding the lights. Here are a few lights that will help you while you are driving on the roads.

1. Starting With Bumper Lights

One of the lights out of all is the bumper light. Often people don’t call the lights by their proper name. For lights that we usually say, bumper lights are nothing but a light that is bumper mounted. But it would be ambiguous to call it a bumper light, as said by the experts. Usually, the vehicle just has certain other lights mounted on bumper lights. The same goes with the rear one, and certainly, we can’t call that bumper light. It is just some other lights like parking light, turn light, and all other types of light that have mounted on the bumper.

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Bumper lights are not only lights mounted on bumpers

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2. What’s With Parking Light?

Another light type that one may find in the front of the car would be parking lights. So, the function of these light is not just when it is parked or so. The light even turns on with the headlights, on turning the signal switch on, and in other cases, in both the cases. We can say that it varies with the vehicle and its manufacturing.

3. Next Comes, Corner Lights

Mounted on the front side of the car, corner lights are an authentic thing. Located right next to the headlight, one can see it integrated into the vehicle. The color of the light is generally orange or yellow. The possibilities of even having white lights are also true.

4. Then There Are Repeater Lights

Repeater lights are smaller compared to other lights. These lights may or may not blink or flash along with the headlights. But the lights definitely flask with the directionals. You can find them at the side of the vehicles, which means you can see it when you are outside the vehicle.

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This is actually a repeater light

5. What’s With Side Marker Lights?

Have you seen how parking lights function and thought what is a side marker light on a car? Well, this one is quite similar to that of the parking lights. It completely depends on the type of your vehicle, that where Marker lights are going to locate. In some cars, you may find it in the front of the front wheel, while in some others, it may be somewhere at the back of the rear wheel. So, it depends completely on the type of vehicle you have. Besides, one may even wonder where these lights are exactly attached, right? Well, these are sometimes attached to the bumper or the fender. Yes, it can even be attached to the rear quarter panel. And the attachment of these lights will purely depend on the type of vehicle that you have got.

6. Reflectors- How About These Lights?

Reflectors are actually and exactly what it looks like. These are not light that blinks with the turns. These are just reflectors that are located in the rear bumper. Or it may even be located in the front bumpers as well. It completely depends on the vehicle that you are buying. The reflectors simply hang outside, and its function is to reflect any light that possibly may come in the same direction.

Do These Lights Need Any Replacement? If Yes, When?

Of course, it is a machine, and when it will wear or tear down, repair or replacement will be demanded. So, how do you know that it is the time to change any of these lights? Well, as soon as there is internal or external damage to the lights, lens, or housing, you must consider visiting the best professional around you. Besides, you should also be reading the maintenance tips given by the top professionals to maintain the lights and even the car.

Apart from the reflectors in your vehicle, ever another light is totally replaceable. So, when the damage hits your vehicle, especially lights, consider replacement. Trying to fix that with glue or something won’t help in most of the cases, so it is recommended to visit the best mechanic near your place to get the car in the best shape again.

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Replacement should be carried out as soon as possible

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The Last Words

With different types of lights in the car including the turn light, parking light, and all other lights, there is a chance that you can ride your vehicle safely. So go ahead and know about these lights with this guide today.

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