Important Dashboard Warning Lights To Pay Attention

Modern cars are packed with sensors and electronic devices that monitor the operation of all systems and their integral parts. When something goes wrong, they warn the driver by flashing the dashboard warning lights. Do all the lights carry the same weight and indicate to something that needs immediate attention?

The dashboard lights can be a reminder of the scheduled maintenance or drawing attention to a serious issue. Being aware of the automotive warning symbols is crucial to prevent a possible breakdown or full-on failure.

Dashboard Warning Lights To Be Aware Of

Not all dashboard lights warrant the same attention. Some are more serious and need to be addressed immediately. Remember that you can’t afford to dilly-dally when these dashboard warning lights are on:

Check Engine Light

automotive warning symbols
Examine the engine system when this light comes on.

This one does not probably need any explanation. It comes on when the Engine Control Unit (ECU) detects an anomaly in any of the engine components, transmission, and safety systems. Also, the issue could just be a faulty sensor as serious as a problem with an engine part.

Take this warning seriously because it can turn into a severe issue down the road. Have the car examined by an experienced mechanic to find out the problematic part and fix it.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

dashboard warning lights
An overheated engine can cause irreparable damage.

Anything related to the engine is worth having your attention. This light indicates that the engine temperature going across the safety limit. It could be the result of an overheated engine along with some other causes like a damaged engine temperature sensor, hot coolant temperature, or a malfunctioning ECU.

An overheating engine leads to serious problems like damaged internal parts or even failure of the engine. Whenever you see the light is on, just pull the car over and call a towing service to take it to a repair shop.

Brake Warning Light

vehicle warning symbols
Never overlook a brake warning light.

Another entry in this list of dashboard warning lights that you should not ignore. Leaving the parking brake on triggers the light in most cases and it is not a grave issue at all. But, overlooking it won’t be a good idea since it can be related to a low level of brake fluid or physical damage of any of the braking components.

If resetting the parking brake does not make the light go away, take the vehicle to an auto servicing shop. You may require to replace the brake rotors, pads, and calipers.

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Power Steering Or EPAS Warning Light

dashboard warning lights

Dashboard warning lights pointing out to something wrong in the steering system is an emergency because the driving safety mostly depends on the steering system. Failed or damaged steering components can make it difficult to steer the car at low speeds. Plus, it is highly risky on the highway given that you need to turn the car or change a lane suddenly.

Tire Pressure Light

automotive warning symbols
Incorrect tire pressure is a safety issue.

The tires are an integral part of the vehicle’s safety mechanism. All the tires should have the correct pressure for safe and smooth operation of a car. Over-inflation or deflation is likely to affect the mileage too. Some vehicles have an alert system to indicate the damaged or affected tire, which is an efficient, time-saving feature.

Like other vehicle warning symbols, don’t ignore this sign. Find out whether the problem occurs from incorrect pressure or damaged tread and do the repairs accordingly.