Parking Brake Or Emergency Brake Does Not Work? Know he Troubleshooting Process Here

A parking brake or emergency brake is one of the essential stuff in the car. Your car always needs a break after any fruitful journey. A professional driver never forgets to engage the emergency brake in any situation, be it the hills or any parking area. The emergency brakes operate through a hand lever. As the name suggests, the main purpose of parking brakes is to stop the car from budging while it’s parked. An emergency brake works on the cable connected to the axle and the hand lever. The first thing to consider if the emergency brake does not work is to investigate the cable and repair it significantly.

Let’s talk about “how to troubleshoot this trouble” in the car below

What To Do When Emergency Brake Does Not Work? The Troubleshooting Process

The parking brake or emergency brake is just as the regular pedal brake engaged to stop the car. However, things are a little different with emergency brakes because it makes sure that car does not move from the place. The parking brake functions through a hand-operated lever that is located in the middle of passenger and driver seat. The professionals call this process as the brake mechanism connected through a parking brake cable. This cable is the first thing to look upon when the handbrake doesn’t work.

So, let us talk about the whole troubleshooting process to get rid of this right now

1. Investigate The Cable For Any Bumps Or Twists

The general problem with an emergency brake is that the cable begins to twist or bump from some places. As soon as the car continues to slide even after the engaging the brake lever, Bad Luck! The emergency brakes are gone. The first step one can take after the emergency brake does not work is to examine the entire cable from hand lever to the wheel drums. Investigate the cable for kinks, bumps, or cuts and continue the process.

Reasons for emergency brake does not work
Know why emergency brake does not work. (Photo Source: amarujala)

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2. Repair Or Replace

This problem can arise even after driving over the bumpy roads. The holes make the cable go out of alignment and interfere the braking system. If things are like that, then put the cable on the place and try to align it perfectly. Alternatively, if still the emergency brake not working, go for the replacement in no time.

3. Clean Out The Brake Trums

The dusty or dirty brake drums are the common issues related to brake failure. The dirt starts to blend with the oil and result in brake choking. Clean all the dirt and oil from brake shoes and brake drums to avoid these finicky situations. Opting for maintenance tips from the experts might assist in bearing these circumstances.

Effects of emergency brake does not work
Repairing the car when emergency brake does not work. (Photo Source: insideevs)

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Wrapping Up

That’s all! These were some of the troubleshooting tips to consider when the emergency brake does not work properly. Keep these vital tips in mind to tolerate these conditions in no time.