Tire Seal: How to Do It the Proper Way

Applying tire seal correctly to the leaked or punctured area can be a tricky task. You can get the job done by using a couple of ways such as a tire bead seal, a tire sealer, or a tire patch. Whatever you use, you need to be certain that the sealant is stable enough to prevent the air escaping from between the tire and the wheel rim.

Supplies You’ll Need for a Tire Seal

If you’re going to use tire sealant to do the job, you’ll need:

  • Materials to clean tire
  • Mixture of soapy water
  • A bottle of tire sealant
  • Brush
  • Tire pressure gauge

How to Apply the Tire Sealant

One visible sign of tire leak is a flat tire. But, sometimes, the leakage is so small that you won’t notice anything. In that case, the car may feel bumpy while you are driving. Check the tire pressure to see if it’s at the right level. If not, it’s time for tire repair.

tire seal

You’ll need to follow the procedure mentioned below for doing a tire seal the right way:

Identify the Leak

The first step is to find out the punctured or damaged spot. If you don’t see any sharp object protruding out of the tire, you have to use a mixture of soap and water to spot the leak. Spray the soapy water over the tire surface. If there’s a leak, you’ll see bubbles on the surface. Mark the spot with tape or chalk.

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Clean the Spot

The next step is to clean the punctured spot and its surrounding area. Otherwise, the sealant won’t stick to the tire, causing constant losing of air pressure.

Wash the particular area with warm soapy water and use a wire brush to clean the debris and dirt. It will make sure that the sealant glues to the tire, not to the rubble or anything else.

tire seal

Apply the Sealant

Let the tire dry after washing it with soapy water. You can use a blow dryer for quickening the process. Then, cover the puncture by brushing a thin layer of sealant into it. After that, coat the area again with a thick sealant layer so that the leak is covered completely.

Once you have used the sealant, give it some to get set on the surface. After that, put the tire back on the car and fill it with air. In fact, the entire process of tire seal is pretty simple if you know how to find the leak and how to apply the sealant properly to cover it up. However, don’t forget to check for more leakage after covering the first damaged spot. Inflate the tire only after making sure that you have sealed every leak.