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The Unique Benefits of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The primary functions of a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) are to monitor the tire pressure and send real-time information to the driver. The main purpose of using such a system is to avoid some hazardous situations such as traffic accidents, an unstable state of tires, increased tire wear, and poor fuel economy.

The Unique Benefits of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A tire does not only leak air for a puncture but also naturally. So, if you don’t do regular maintenance, expect your tires, even the new ones, to leak at least 10% of its initial pressure over the period of one year.

A tire will provide proper services only at the correct inflation pressure. Under-inflated tires can create many problems and even destroy themselves in severe cases. The tire pressure sensor system has its unique benefits. Let’s have a brief discussion about them:

tire pressure monitoring system

Extends Tire Life

The primary reason for tire failure is under-inflated tires. Such a condition can lead to thermal and mechanical overload, which ultimately causes casing breakdowns, ply separation, sidewall damage, or tire disintegration. So, a tire air pressure sensor will save you from such accidents by sending real-time data.

However, under-inflation is not the only reason behind the sudden failure of tires. Conditions mentioned above can also arise for hitting potholes or sharp objects while driving on roads. A TPMS can’t detect the symptoms if the pressure level deflates due to any such damaging incident.

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Increases Fuel Efficiency

Under-inflated tires cause the waste of a huge amount of fuel. The wastage level is almost 10%, which means a tire with 10% less inflation will be 1% less fuel-efficient. So, maintaining the tire pressure at the proper level will improve the mileage by lowering the fuel consumption.

Increases Cost Efficiency

A tire pressure monitoring system will save your money in many ways. It will decrease the costly downtime hours and save the money that you have to otherwise spend on repairing the damaged tires.

Besides, it also saves money by burning less amount of gasoline and thereby increasing the gas mileage.

tire pressure monitoring system

Improves Road Safety

Under-inflated tires can cause unpredictable drive patterns at high speeds. For this reason, they are likely to cause accidents by failing suddenly. In fact, they are directly related to many injuries and deaths per year caused by road accidents. A TPMS continuously monitor the tire pressure so that the driver knows when it’s time to visit an automobile repair shop.

Pneumatic tires ensure better stability even while driving at high speeds. They also provide better braking and handling efficiencies. As a result, you can expect greater safety in everyday driving situations.

Improves Environmental Safety

Pneumatic tires are eco-friendly too. If your tires are under-inflated, they will release more carbon monoxide into the air than the average level. So, a TPMS will help you keep your carbon footprint low.

So, a tire pressure monitoring system not only saves your money and time but sometimes also your life too by avoiding road accidents.

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