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Knowing The Throwout Bearing Symptoms And Replacement Cost

Today, we are going to recognize the throwout bearing symptoms and solutions.

The throwout bearing is a part of the manual transmission where you make use of a clutch pedal. Whenever you need to halt your car for a few seconds or change the gears, the clutch pedal allows you to do that.

The throwout bearing is a crucial component of the clutch pedal. On the failure of the bearing, the clutch pedal does not work as needed. As the bearing is not visible to the driver, the issue can be identified by observing the symptoms.

Throwout Bearing Symptoms And Solutions

The clutch assembly consists of parts like pressure plate, clutch plate, flywheel, and throw-out bearing. This assembly connects the wheels of your car to the engine. Having a lousy throwout bearing means poor gear shift and clutch failure. Let’s discuss the symptoms in detail here-

Noises While Depressing The Clutch

This is one of the throwout bearing symptoms; the noise determines if there is something wrong with the clutch assembly or the throwout bearing in particular. It happens when too much pressure or more than tolerable is created between the rollers. With time, these rollers wear out and lose their material, and eventually, it creates the noise. So if you experience grinding, squeaking, or any noise every time you depress the clutch, it is a sign.

throwout bearing symptoms
Read throwout bearing symptoms

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Feeling Vibrations

Whenever you put that clutch down, it should feels smooth. However, if you experience some kind of vibration while operating the pedal, it indicates that the bearing is defective. The reason behind vibration is the poor alignment of the throwout bearing with the pressure plate. The vibration remains noticeable and signifies that the bearing has started wearing out.

Stuck Gear Shifting

A malfunctioning throwout bearing may also create a rough gear shifting that is again much noticeable while driving. However, if you do not experience any above issues, the stuck gear shifting may be due to other reasons. In this case, a transmission repair may be needed, or that transmission fluid needs to be changed.

throwout bearing symptoms
throwout bearing symptoms

When The Clutch Feels Stubborn

The clutch bearing comes with proper lubrication that makes it possible to depress the clutch smoothly. However, with time, the lubrication wears off, and that means you feel the clutch pedal getting stuck. Sometimes, the clutch does not even buzz no matter how hard you press.

This is an indicator that you should immediately stop driving and call a repairer. Leaving it uncured means you won’t be able to shift any gears and take your vehicle any further. Want to know why your car’s break lights won’t turn off? Visit here and see all these Maintenance Tips.

Throw-Out Bearing Replacement Cost

Well, the throwout bearing in itself is a simple part that would not charge you very much. The approx replacement cost would be $30 to $100. However, if there is damage to the transmission itself, or more parts are damaged because of the faulty bearing, it may charge you more. Such as for a clutch replacement, you end up paying $300 to $800.

throwout bearing symptoms
throwout bearing symptoms


So these are all the throwout bearing symptoms that if you observe while being in your car, it is time for a replacement. Do not make delay; take your car to the professionals before the harm goes any further.