The Complete Guide To Starting Car In Cold Weather

Every car owner knows that winters are the worst time to get into their vehicle to go anywhere, whether its work or a personal need. It is a time when your car gives too much trouble in even starting, leave alone driving down the road at 100MpH. It gets many car owners asking about proper guidance for Starting Car in Cold Weather without any issues. No need to worry, as we will provide you complete information about starting your vehicle effortlessly in the cold.

Guide To Starting Car In Cold Weather

With the summer heat ending, the chilly winter breeze sets in, but the only thing to withstand the worst of winters is your car standing out in the cold. At times, your car might not start properly at a time when you need it to reach the office, and we know it is a headache. However, if you follow the right steps, then the car would not only start but also drive you wherever you want to go. You should browse online to find the best maintenance tips for improving your car’s performance.

Let us now help you get the steps to start the vehicle even in the cold.

1. Turn Off Everything In The Car

Every single electrical device in the car, including heater, radio, and the headlight utilize the car battery. We recommend you switch off every single one of them while trying to start the car in winters. Once your car starts, let the engine run for sometime before powering on the electrical devices else it would kill the battery. It is the first step to help you Starting Car in Cold Weather without any issues.

Facts You Should Know About Starting Car in Cold Weather
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2. Check The Battery Leads

Next, you need to locate the battery under the car hood and check for the cables. In case, there are signs of corrosion, including a crusty or salty substance, you need to clean it for the battery to work properly. Remember to wear protective goggles and disconnect the car battery cables.

Now, you would need to clean it with a toothbrush and mixture of water and baking soda. After cleaning, connect back the battery cables with the negative first to avoid electric shock. Make sure you check the other wires tightly connected, as loose cables prevent the electrical current from flowing correctly.

3. Dip The Clutch When Turning The Car Ignition On

A useful tip to start the car in cold weather is dipping the clutch while starting the car ignition. You will eventually reduce the work, which the car battery needs to complete. It will give the engine a chance to begin usually even in chilly winters.

What You Need to Know About Starting Car in Cold Weather
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Follow the tips mentioned above, and we ensure that you would not face any issue in Starting Car in Cold Weather. It would help you not only start the vehicle without any problem, but also help keep the car battery working.