The 10 Best Car Engines Ever Made But Are History Now

There is no doubt in saying that the traditional vehicles had some magnificent engines. Some of these engines can be seen roaring on the roads these days too. But most of the traditional engines are history now. It can be due to the fuel economy issue or the new technologies budding everyday. To get the complete explanation, let us prepare the list of 10 best car engines ever made right now.

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Top 10 Best Car Engines Ever Made But Are Not Manufactured Now

Here is a list of the best automobiles engines ever created. The list is based on the engine design, performance, appearance, fuel economy, and many features.

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1. Ferrari Dino V8

The sound of Ferrari’s V8 version Dino engine was incredible. The car had a 3.6L crankshaft design engine. And you can find this engine in Ferrari 360. It is one of the 10 best car engines ever made. The engine is still there in the 1999-2004 made Ferrari 360s.

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2. Toyota 2JZ– Inline-6

The manufacturers often call it as the engine with turbochargers. And you can find this engine in Toyota Supra from the mid-90s. With a heavy motor and 1000 horsepower, this inline-6 engine is the best of that time.

3. Nissan SR-20Det

Nissan’s SR series was famous during the late 90s. And Nissan SR-20DET was the real sports car engine. However 20 in the name defines 2.0-liter displacement of the engine. And this inline-4 engine has a special turbocharged intercooler motor. One can find the SR20DET engine in Nissan Silvia.

4. Ford EcoBoost

When talking about the 10 best car engines ever made, one can not overlook Ford’s EcoBoost V6 classic engine. The 1.0 liters 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine was people’s favorite for years. According to the expert maintenance tips, these engines have the capacity to power a sports car or a heavy SUV.

5. BMW S54

One of the BMWs high performing straight-6 engines is the S54. It goes to a maximum of 8000 rpm without causing any damage. The entire engine block is of cast iron. And that is what people appreciate about this specific engine.

6. Jeep 4.0

Another straight-6 engine in the list is the Jeep 4.0L. The engine had only 190 horsepower but was powerful of its time. But it is all a history now, as you cannot easily find this engine roaring on the roads. The early 2000 edition of Jeep Wrangler has this engine type under the hood.

7. Honda B Series

Honda also has its name on the 10 best car engines ever made list. And Honda B Series was dependable and economical of its time. It was the top vehicle for people who want lower fuel consuming vehicles. The engine was 100 HP per liter. But it was all about the performance that people wanted this vehicle for sure.

8. BMW V8 S62

The BMW S62 is a first-class 5.0L engine. It is one of the best engines made until today. The engine can be found in BMW M5 automobiles.

9. Porsche Flat 6

You need a Porsche 911 if you want the world-famous Porsche Air-Cooled Flat 6 engine. The special design and appearance of this engine made it the top engines of that time.

10. General Motors LS6

Another V8 engine in the list of the 10 best car engines ever made is the General Motors LS6. The engine can be seen in 2004-05 Cadillac CTS-V. General Motors have a unique style of making powerful engines. They use aluminum while casting the engines. But these engines are the history now.

10 best car engines ever made- The ultimate list
Everything you need to know about the 10 best car engines ever made (Photo Source: tumgir)

The Final Words

There you have it! That is the complete list of top 10 best car engines ever made. Hope we stand a chance to see any of these engines in the upcoming vehicles.