Symptoms Of A Bad Thermostat – Detect The Ominous Signs

The thermostat of a car does the job of regulating the coolant flow through the engine. It is a vital component in running the engine’s operation. The symptoms of a bad thermostat are something that you have to be aware of because the problems occur out of the blue. It could be an overheated car or lower temperature gauge, or something else.

Symptoms Of A Bad Thermostat: How To Detect The Ominous Signs

How can you be sure of the symptoms of bad thermostat in car? Well, it gets stuck in an open or closed position when it becomes defective. A bad thermostat is bad news because late fixing can ruin the engine.

You should look for these symptoms of a bad thermostat and act immediately if it is found failing. Some signs may come from different sources like a failing radiator, drive belt, water pump, or fan. The only way to be sure is to check the thermostat when your car shows these following traits:

Overheated Car

A thermostat is a heat controlling component that sits on the radiator hose. Under normal circumstances, it opens up for the antifreeze to flow into the engine when the later reaches its normal operating temperature. The coolant regulates the engine’s heat. When the thermostat is closed, the coolant cannot flow, causing the engine temperature to rise.

bad car thermostat symptoms
A bad thermostat.

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An overheated vehicle is one of the most common symptoms of stuck thermostat. However, a malfunction cooling system can also be the culprit. You should examine both components to locate the source of trouble.

Under-heated Car

If the thermostat is trapped to an open position instead of a close one, the engine temperature will be lower than the normal level. An open thermostat means a constant flow of antifreeze to the engine, leaving the car to struggle with achieving the right temperature.

It is definitely one of the signs of a bad thermostat when the temperature gauge needle hovers around the lower side despite driving the car for a few minutes.

Variations Of Temperature

Faulty thermostat symptoms are likely to lead to temperature fluctuations. Whenever you drive the car, the engine temperature will go up and down. It happens not because of a stuck thermostat bit for its malfunctioning state that sends false readings. For this reason, the coolant in the radiator does not have a normal flow, causing errors in the changing of the engine temperature.

signs of a bad thermostat
Engine will give poor performance.

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Under-performing Engine

Symptoms of a bad thermostat will ultimately lead to poor engine performance. It is likely to happen because the malfunctioning device is unable to control the temperature. When your car gives less gas mileage, diagnose the thermostat along with other components.

If you notice any of these bad car thermostat symptoms, take prompt action. You can repair it or install a new one given that you have enough mechanical knowledge. Otherwise, take the car to a mechanic before the engine catches any defect.