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What Happens When Your Car Runs Out Of Coolant? Knowing The Consequences

If you wish to maintain a smooth operation of your car down the road, keeping up with the antifreeze levels is essential. If there is no antifreeze, there would be no use of having a vehicle. It is said, “Small things come in big packages.” Same goes to the coolant, which may look unessential but can stop your car from working. Read on, and know what happens when your car runs out of coolant.

What Happens When Your Car Runs Out Of Coolant? The 3 Common Effects

The coolant or what you may call as antifreeze is a liquid that regulates engine’s temperature. The role of antifreeze is crucial, and so its absence could bring in disasters. Sometimes you may tend to ignore the low coolant light signal and probably oversee the consequences. What are they? Let’s explore in detail for your better understanding.

1. Engine Cut-off

Coolant is present to lower down the high heated components of the engine. If there would be no coolant, the engine parts would heat-up but would never cool down. This, in turn, would result in engine failure and deterioration of its corresponding parts. When the engine fails, the heart of the car fails; thus your car loses its essence of existence.

Today, with the advent of newer technologies and modern cars, things have changed for good. Whenever the coolant level lowers down, the engine cuts off automatically. It is a sign that indicates the need for refilling the coolant. In simple words, you won’t be able to drive further until and unless you provide the right dose of coolant to the system. This is the worst what happens when your car runs out of coolant.

Secrets know about what happens when your car runs out of coolant
Learn all about what happens when your car runs out of coolant. (Photo Source: istockphoto)

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2. Malfunctioning Of Car’s Heater

As a matter of fact, the car’s heater utilizes the residual heat that the coolant absorbs from the engine. It is quite evident that when there would be no coolant, the heater would not get the dose of heat it requires to operate. In such circumstances, the heater would not blow hot air at all, or it would blow hot air constantly.

It would be an extreme case that you wouldn’t be able to handle. Driving in winters would be a task you won’t be able to enjoy thoroughly. While you may be wondering what is wrong, checking the coolant levels would come in handy here. You could also check maintenance tips for symptoms of low coolant level.

3. Mediocre Fuel Economy

The advantage of an engine operating at the right temperature points at its fuel economy. This is one essential factor that every car owner needs to look after as fuel prices are on the rise. In case, you witness a plunge in the MPG reading; it would appropriate to check the coolant levels.

know the issue what happens when your car runs out of coolant
Truth of what happens when your car runs out of coolant. (Photo Source: feelgoodcars)

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When coolant level runs low, the engine will not lose its “over-heated” status, and that, in turn, lead to inefficient fuel burning. Once that happens, the emissions that would exit from the exhaust would also increase exponentially. This would further deteriorate your carbon footprint; an essential parameter to upkeep the environmental needs.

Wrapping Up

Looking at what happens when your car runs out of coolant, you would know the importance of maintaining it. Never overlook the small symptoms, as they can lead to irreparable disasters that could cost you a fortune.

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