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What are the Consequences of Running a Car with no Thermostat?

You might have had been opposing various views whether or not to drive without thermostat. The thermostat has this amazing feature to keep the engine cool every time it gets hot. Running a car with no thermostat has its own consequences that every driver must know.

So, let’s discover what will happen if you go for running car without thermostat.

Are you Running a Car with no Thermostat? Know this Before

Running a car without a thermostat is not a great idea as you may face numerous consequences of it. In addition, the total performance of the car gets affects if the thermostat is detached. So, find out the major results right now!

1. The Coolant

The thermostat is a simple valve located between the radiator and engine. As we already know, the major purpose of the thermostat is to maintain the engine at the proper temperature. The radiator runs to the entire engine and keeps it cool with the help of coolants. When the thermostat is detached, the engine remains cool as the radiator is moved to it quickly into the system. A normal car engine is meant to run in eighty to hundred degree centigrade temperatures. When running the car without a thermostat, it runs at 50o C temperature. At this temperature, the humidity gets packed in and condensed, which blend with the oil and result to slush. The slush blocks lubrication and the entire system wear out. This is why running a car with no thermostat is a way to bad vehicle performance.

Know about running a car with no thermostat
Man looking at a smoking engine in his car

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2. Engine Parts

Starting a cold engine results its parts to wear out in almost the first five minutes of driving. Life of the engine minimizes quickly as the bad components are not isolated from the oil. The engine undergoes the closed loop procedure when the engine is beyond a particular temperature. If the temperature doesn’t increase, the engine will choke and stop ultimately. In fact, the heater will produce the cold air as well. However, depending on the age of the car, driving without thermostat can burn more fuel as ECM (engine control module) would think that the engine is still in its cool state and need to start up.

3. Thermostat Replacement

The bad thermostat can ruin the entire vehicle. The regular replacement of the thermostat will help you maintain the entire working of the car. The engine will reach its optimal temperature and the entire system will work properly.

Therefore, thermostat removal is harmful to your car and its components in every possible way.

Consult professionals before Running a car with no thermostat
Bad Thermostat Replacement in the car

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4. Solution for Less Heat

Lack of heat can be treated by placing a large cardboard in front of the radiator. It must be located somewhere in between car grill and the radiator. This method averts the radiator to cool down the entire system by reducing the cold air blowing. It might even treat that cold air issue from the heater too. But, while pursuing this method keep your eyes on the temperature gauze so that the engine doesn’t overheat. If the temperature hikes too much, abort the operation and remove the board. So, use this method whenever you think- can a car run without a thermostat?

Driving with NO/Failed Thermostat in car – Is it worth it? 

Running a car with no thermostat is overall a bad idea to pursue. In any situation, you feel unsure about the condition of the thermostat, use the best maintenance tips, or simply consult the professionals as soon as possible.