Stop Doing Car Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles Already

The majority of drivers insist on doing a car oil change in every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. However, the experts have dismissed it as a myth, especially for modern-day vehicles. So, let’s take a look if there’s any benefit of changing the oil in every 3,000 miles and what’s the recommended mileage before an oil change for today’s cars.

Why was Frequent Car Oil Change Needed in the Past?

car oil change
Oil changing is an important knowledge for car owners

The carburetors of the vehicles that were manufactured decades ago are not as fuel-efficient as the automobiles these days. These older engines are not highly efficient. They collect moisture in the oil, which causes the buildup of sludge.

The fuel dilution of the available lubricants was a problem too. Besides, the oils were not as good as the ones available these days. They were prone to collecting dirt and muck and needed to be changed in every 3,000 miles.

Do Modern Vehicles Need the 3,000-mile Oil Change?

car oil change
The development of lubricants helps drivers to reduce the oil they provide for their vehicles

No! Drivers insist on the car oil change merely because they don’t know how much the modern engines and lubricants have been improved. The automobile service stations and other businesses that are involved in the car repair industry often preach about the benefits of changing the oil in every 3,000 miles. Most car owners and drivers believe that propaganda that leads to developing the habit of frequent oil changes.

Modern automobiles don’t need to change oil so frequently. Most of them can easily run 6,000 miles, and some of them boast of a whopping 25,000 miles or one year, thanks to the advanced engine mechanism and high-end synthetic oils.

Many oil companies manufacture synthetic lubricants that can run an engine for thousands and thousands of miles. They have many additives that are good for the health of the engine parts.

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How Often Do You Need to Change Oil Filter?

Changing oil filter
Changing oil filter should be done regularly

The car manufacturers strongly recommend changing oil frequently. However, there are a few exceptions when you need to replace it before the schedule. If you drive in extreme conditions such as riding on hilly roads, towing heavy loads, or drive in very high or low temperatures, you may need to change the filter more often. In that case, you’ll receive a warning from the service engine light. If it’s on, it’s the time to replace the filter.

There’s no harm if you go for the car oil change in every 3,000 miles or three months. However, it’s not helpful in any way either. It is just a waste of money because you will end up paying two to three times more for the fuel than what your car actually needs. Besides, dumping oil frequently has harmful effects on the environment.

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