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Stop Doing Car Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles Already

The majority of drivers insist on doing a car oil change in every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. However, the experts have dismissed it as a myth, especially for modern-day vehicles. So, let’s take a look if there’s any benefit of changing the oil in every 3,000 miles and what’s the recommended mileage before an oil change for today’s cars.

Why was Frequent Car Oil Change Needed in the Past?

car oil change
Oil changing is an important knowledge for car owners

The carburetors of the vehicles that were manufactured decades ago are not as fuel-efficient as the automobiles these days. These older engines are not highly efficient. They collect moisture in the oil, which causes the buildup of sludge.

The fuel dilution of the available lubricants was a problem too. Besides, the oils were not as good as the ones available these days. They were prone to collecting dirt and muck and needed to be changed in every 3,000 miles.

Do Modern Vehicles Need the 3,000-mile Oil Change?

car oil change
The development of lubricants helps drivers to reduce the oil they provide for their vehicles

No! Drivers insist on the car oil change merely because they don’t know how much the modern engines and lubricants have been improved. The automobile service stations and other businesses that are involved in the car repair industry often preach about the benefits of changing the oil in every 3,000 miles. Most car owners and drivers believe that propaganda that leads to developing the habit of frequent oil changes.

Modern automobiles don’t need to change oil so frequently. Most of them can easily run 6,000 miles, and some of them boast of a whopping 25,000 miles or one year, thanks to the advanced engine mechanism and high-end synthetic oils.

Many oil companies manufacture synthetic lubricants that can run an engine for thousands and thousands of miles. They have many additives that are good for the health of the engine parts.

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How Often Do You Need to Change Oil Filter?

Changing oil filter
Changing oil filter should be done regularly

The car manufacturers strongly recommend changing oil frequently. However, there are a few exceptions when you need to replace it before the schedule. If you drive in extreme conditions such as riding on hilly roads, towing heavy loads, or drive in very high or low temperatures, you may need to change the filter more often. In that case, you’ll receive a warning from the service engine light. If it’s on, it’s the time to replace the filter.

There’s no harm if you go for the car oil change in every 3,000 miles or three months. However, it’s not helpful in any way either. It is just a waste of money because you will end up paying two to three times more for the fuel than what your car actually needs. Besides, dumping oil frequently has harmful effects on the environment.

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  1. crocusbag says

    Unless you drive a turbocharged vehicle…on e85 yeah,

  2. Ssettala Hamza says

    Quite true, I used to change at 3000km but when I began to use caltex oil, it proved heavy and improved.
    Now I do oil change at 6000km for diesel engines and 8000km for petrol engines.

  3. Pastor John malisi says

    I drive nissan terano engine TD27 its producing alot of white smoke ichanged the cylinder gasket serviced the turbo and the fuel nozzle still the smoke is to much so what should i do.

    1. Deonarine says

      Your fuel injectors may have a problem or your timing fuel pump too much of fuel are pumping to you combustion chambers

    2. Abednego says

      White smoke is mostly caused by oil in the combustion chamber, there are only 2sources of oil there,
      (1)From the piston rigs, wich causes condinuos smoke while driving or
      {2}Valve seals wich causes smoke in the morning.
      Blue smoke might mean you need a full fuel system service.

      1. Solomon says

        Hi, am just trying to seek clarification concerning white smoke that you’ve highlighted. From my mechanical engineering, I thought white smoke is a sign of water presence in the combustion chamber rather than oil, for oil presence, the smoke is surpose to be blue. Kindly teach me about this. With respect. Solomon.

    3. David Kasozi says

      Please check the piston rings majorly the oil scrapper rings … some look at the car still having its power and suspect no rings for the white smoke which isn’t true ….. the compression rings may still be okay while the oil scrapers are worn out… on the other hand hand please consider the valve seals …. those are the major causes of white smoke

    4. Muleya says

      Oil rings likely to be faulty

  4. Bura Bura says

    This myth has bust a lot of pockets, than for Busting it ( the myth) . Will follow the advice given. Thank you.

  5. Bura Bura says

    The myth has bust a lot of pockets, than for Busting it ( the myth) . Will follow the advice given. Thank you.

  6. Felix utui says

    Thank Japanese for these tips

  7. Dan Ochwal says

    Now I know

  8. Patrick Opio says

    When I drive my car on high speed ,and nearing a corner ,its begins to warn showing a 4 wheel sign on the dash board ,,I had change the engine oil ,all service, check brakes pads ,all, but still occurs what could be the cause of the noise?

    1. Victor says

      Your wheels are not of uniform radius… Probably some are newer than others.


    You are very right in your explanation but, in all developing countries, we are expriencing poor quality car lubrications and the gunuine lubrications a common man finds it expensive. So they always go for cheaper oils and thats the reason they change the oil every 3000 km.

  10. Emmanuel Nyambe says

    Thank you for a well researched advice on oil change in car’s.
    These guys are making a ripe off on us.
    Please continue with more system’s

    1. Tom k chilonga says

      Which one is good oil ? And the name of that oil, tom from Zambia

  11. Elissa Tomas says

    Iam using Toyota Harrier ,1999 model please I need some help on how to change the language on stereo and set time.

  12. kondo k.kondo says

    The tutorial is very much interesting and help full to me as a beginner.

  13. kusiimaisaiah says

    Thankyou so much on engine oil advice

  14. Mshanga yassin says

    Am using raum new model 2005, can I get a manual book for it?

  15. Mshanga yassin says

    Am using raum new model 2005, can I get an English manual book for it?

  16. Garikai Vumisai says

    I bought a Japanese manufactured Nissan Sunny Ex Saloon and the Manual is written in Japanese, is it possible to get an English version

  17. Fredrick says

    Thank you very much for the beautiful advice that we constantly get from your page. Please may you help me solve my problem: I drive Toyota Allion 2005, recently it started misbehaving by showing unstable odometer, when driving at some point you feel someone is stepping on the break pads ie the car feels heavy, it’s like missing firing. It does not go smooth as it use to… It moves then feels heavy and when it feels heavy the odometer comes down so I have to accelerate to counter the problem which makes the car to surge at some point

  18. N watungwa says

    I have a Nissan hardbody SE V6 3L petrol the engines sounds very good but the car has no power

  19. ALBERT says

    This is of great help to me. I never knew that. Thank you very much.

  20. Henryson Monyenye says

    Thank you very much for this great piece of advice.
    I have a toyota rumion 2008 2ZR 1790cc and its manual is totally in japanese.
    The screen of the stereo is in japanese, what can i do to change the language to English and is it possible to get an english manual book?

  21. Joseph says

    I have a Toyota surf model 1996, but it has a problem of hard start, what could be the cause?

  22. Pst Haron Oloruma says

    My car is probox succesed. Sometimes I add oil because it drops from the marked place. I thought it must have a linking hole. What might be the problem.

  23. Emmanuel says

    I have a Toyota corona premio the idling It goes up and down its not constant any more and fuel consumption has gone up

  24. Kirimi mbogori says

    The information by way has relieved me a big burden I have carrying for years and in tandem with what my children have been trying to convince me unsuccessfully.!

  25. Okoth Ted says

    My Radiator always pours out the coolant when it’s hot to some level. I have change the cap three times. It doesn’t suck from the reserve tank as it use to do. What is wrong?

  26. Nicholas Chaulembi says

    Getting original spares for this modern vehicles is very difficult in my country Zambia.

  27. Gerald Nyirenda says

    I want to find out,how many computer box or ECU does a Renault Megane has model 2000 saloon car? Am asking this,because the person who is working on my car the same Renault,today will say gear box tomorrow electrical the other day computer box,so i need help now.

    1. David Kasozi says

      Gerald the car has one ECU which is intergreted with the transmission control unit(TCU) ….. but can you let me know the problem of ye cat that i may help you further??

  28. makina chrispine says

    I drive Toyota corolla G 2001 car takes time to start (pick) especially in the morning and when it is in the picking mode for hours.what could be the problem?

  29. Magawa says

    I drive a Toyota allex 2006 model wats da best engine oil to use?

  30. Francis Xavier olede says

    Thanks for the advice,you know us in Africa especially in Uganda, most of our mechanics learn on job and what they tell us is mostly copied and pasted and some experience which sometimes helps though also dangerous. Personally I have been changing oil at 4000km and I knew it as a norm and fixed period, but am now a little knowledgeable though my Automobile has a small engine ,it’s a RAUM and rarely drive very long distances .

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