An Estimation of Steering Column Repair Costs

A steering column is found in all types of automobiles. It creates a bridge between the chassis and steering, facilitating the movement of the front tires toward the left or right directions. As this column is connected to many components, small and big, steering column repair costs could stack up and exceed a thousand dollars.

The wires of different types of dials, buttons, and levers run through this steering column. So, a faulty column can affect the functions of many components, including the ignition switch, cruise control, turn signals, and a few more. In some vehicles, the selector and the manual paddle shifters could be mounted on the side of the steering column.

What is a Steering Column?

A steering column is a vital part of the steering system. A shaft on the rack and pinion or steering gear connects to the steering wheel with the help of the steering column and an intermediate shaft.

steering wheel
The column is integral to the steering wheel system. (Photo Source: wallpaperflare)

Located on the upper side of the system, this column swivels freely when the wheel rotates, thanks to a universal joint. Several components depend on this steering column and vice versa.

Why Does a Steering Column Need Replacement?

So, the steering column repair costs actually depend on the condition of these components. It may need repair from time to time, but never reach the point of needing a replacement. However, it’s not completely unprecedented for the column to deteriorate to the point of requiring a replacement, and you need to do that at the earliest sign of failure. Its failure may prompt the replacement of the intermediate shaft given these components are welded together.

So, when do you need to repair or change this column, exactly? Be aware of these warning signs:

  • The steering wheel does not feel smooth while turning. It sticks, which could be dangerous at high speeds and on busy roads. It may also fail to get back to the center after completing a turn.
  • Turning the wheel causes squeaking sound and it may feel stiff or loose.
  • Column tilt doesn’t lock in place.


An Estimation of the Steering Column Repair Costs

The expenses of changing a steering column depend on a few factors like if it needs only a repair or the changing includes the replacement of a few other related parts too. Your car’s make and model also play a part since the components of some supercars and luxurious models are more expensive. Their servicing charges are also higher than regular commuter cars.

Overall, most repair shops will charge between $500 and $1500, including the costs of parts and labor charges, for a full replacement service, which repair costs are likely to be less than that. The expenses will be double if you choose a dealership to do the servicing.

Steering Column
You can DIY the replacement but it’s not recommended. (Photo Source: dingjisc)

You may go to the DIY path to reduce the expenses a bit. Given that you already have the necessary tools, the cost will stay below $500 as a used column is less than $100 and a new one is under $500.

However, replacing a steering column demands advanced skills so going to a professional mechanic will be a wise decision.