Why Are We Using Car Steering Wheel To Drive A Car Instead Of A Joystick?

Since automobiles came into existence, the car steering wheel has provided car owners with ease and comfort while driving. It is simple, intuitive, and does not need any improvement. However, there have been instances where companies decided to switch to a joystick. The company Saab designed the Saab 9000 known as Prometheus during the ’90s without a steering wheel. However, the Saab 9000 could not create the effect, and the car did not see the light of the day.

This blog will give you reasons as to why having a steering wheel to drive a car is better than a joystick. You can browse online to get the best driving tips for driving your vehicle effortlessly using a steering wheel.

Why Is Car Steering Wheel Preferred While Driving A Car?

The car steering wheel is the best way to drive, and maneuver the car in any direction effortlessly. It does not require much improvement, which is also the reason it has been used to propel ships for centuries. The key to controlling a vehicle is to make the right adjustments to drive it in the direction you want; steering wheels provide this to the driver. It allows the car drivers to make precise turns to drive the car in the correct direction.

What Makes Steering Wheel Better Than Joystick While Driving A Car?

There are some differences between a car steering wheel and joystick, some of which make a steering wheel the preferred choice of drivers.

1. The Placement Of The Steering Wheel Vs. Placement Of Joystick

The steering wheel of a car is centered, this placement is neither for the left or right-handed drivers, which makes driving easy. On the other hand, joystick needs to be on either the left or right side of the driver, which can create strain on the driver’s hands. Also, there is a high chance that controlling the wrong joystick on the road could lead to an accident.

What Makes car steering wheel Than Joystick
Reasons for using car steering wheel (Photo Source: carscoops)

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2. Steering Wheel Movement Vs. Joystick Movement

Joysticks are sensitive owing to a small geometry of movement; a small change can make a significant impact in the direction in which the car is going. The steering wheel, on the other hand, has a broader range of motion, and any small change does not have the same impact as a joystick. The steering wheel offers a better interaction with the car wheels and the ground below.

3. Support Provided By Steering Wheel Vs. Joystick

The car steering wheel also acts as a brace, which anchors the driver in the car. It is important when driving through rough surface or bumps. However, with a joystick, there is little support for the arms, and the smallest bump could cause a big jerk in the hand of the driver, and might even make them lose control of the vehicle.

Car steering wheel usage in the car
Support provided by car steering wheel (Photo Source: financer)

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Summing Up

Thus, as compared to a joystick, the car steering wheel offers many advantages when it comes to driving a car smoothly and safely on the road.