Sidewall Tire Repair: The Safest Measures Recommended by Experts

Sidewall tire repair is a tricky business and can leave you with serious safety hazard if not taken care of properly. The job requires professional skill, and even that is not even the most secure process as around 88% of all tire repairs are done inaccurately, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). The statistic is alarming, but you are safe if you avoid those ‘quick fix’ cheap solutions and choose a repair shop that adheres strictly to the latest industry guidelines.

Any tire repair should include a thorough inspection of the damaged tire because usually tire sidewall damage happens when a tire runs flat. So, it’s impossible to detect the sidewall damage if you don’t remove it from the wheel during the inspection.

Is It Safe to Do Sidewall Tire Repair?

Experts often advise not to repair the damage in the sidewall of tire because it’s too risky. The sidewall functions differently than other areas of a tire. It endures relatively more strains because it moves in multiple directions. So, the fixing of a tire sidewall is a temporary solution because experts say the chance is higher for the tire to break or explode eventually.

How to Do the Tire Sidewall Repair?

Experts don’t consider sidewall tire repair to be reliable or effective because it’s not a permanent solution. However, professional mechanics can still adopt those following measures:

sidewall tire repair of a car

Photo Credit: 9th Gen Civic Forum

Giving a boot fix. A boot fix means repairing a punctured tire by placing a large piece of rubber inside it. The rubber piece protects the tire’s inside tube. However, the solution is temporary as the tire will be exposed to damage if the boot moves out of place.

Using a secondhand tire. It’s a cost-effective solution for replacing a worn tire sidewall. However, you can’t rely on the quality of an old tire as its lifespan can already be overdue. Using a new tire is the best bet for safety and durability.

Vulcanizing the damaged area. Some expert mechanics and larger repair shops can do vulcanizing to repair tire sidewall damage. The process involves sealing the hole by grinding out some rubber from the inside of the tire. Nevertheless, the solution isn’t permanent and costs you lots of money.

Stick to Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your car is the key to staying safe. Check the tires regularly for sidewall damage, especially when you travel long distance. Besides, a tire can only take two repairs, and even that’s so when the holes are not big, specifically not longer than 4-inch and wider than 1-inch.

So, replacing the tire is the only solution to tire sidewall repair if the damage looks intimidating.