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Should You Wax A New Car?

The most headache question for new car owners is “should you wax a new car or not”. Some enthusiastic auto professionals will recommend you to wax the car as soon as you take your new car home. Vice versa, some advise you to not wax it right away but better to wait a few months. So can you wax a new car right away? Find the answer below.

Firstly, let’s make a clean definition of waxing a car!

What Is Waxing A Car

Waxing a car is giving your car a coat to prevent the damage to your car paint. Waxing refers to applying a thin coat of wax to your car paint, allowing it to slightly harden, and then buffing it off with a towel. After you remove the wax from the car, the protective coat is left behind, giving your car a better look and better protection.

should you wax a new car
Waxing a car is giving your car a coat to prevent the damage to your car paint. Source: Wallsheaven

The waxing process can be done by hand or by buffer and you, as the owner of the car can do it by yourself since it’s easy to finish. But you also can bring your car to the mechanic, the professionals there can help you to do it without any mistake. For now, let’s move on to the difficult question “should you wax a new car”.

Should You Wax A New Car?

Back to the question at hand, when to wax a new car or how long should I wait before waxing a new car? The direct answer is waxing a new car does not require you to have to wait for any days as long as you are ready to do it. It means the answer for the question should you wax a new car is yes, and you should do it right away or get it waxed by professional detailers. See, you have to remember, even though a car is brand-new, that does not mean that it has not been subjected to any wear and tear.

So why does someone answer no when you ask “should you wax a new car”? Because it was true in the past. Back to the 1980s and before, the inner layer of paint on brand – new cars would not be dry until a few months after the car was actually sold. The car paint needed time to cure (harden by heat) properly before you washed and waxed it or you risked messing up the paint job. Therefore anyone who bought a car around that time had to wait at least 2 – 3 months to let the car paint dry completely. 

Nowadays, from 1980 until now, the car paint and spraying advancements have made it so that your new car arrives with the new coat of paint already cured in the factory. That’s why some professionals recommend you to wax your car when you ask should you wax a new car or not. And the waxing new car process can be done as soon as you want. In fact, most mechanics encourage you to wax your new car right away when you receive it to protect your car from the elements right away.

Can You Wax A Car Too Often?

So should you wax a new car? Yes! But how often can you wax your new car? The answer is various but in general. You can wax your new car 2 times a year. It is the perfect times for a new car to prevent the paint from fading away. So every car with a good deal of time parked, 2 times is enough. But for the car which is more commonly exposed to the elements outdoors then, you should wax your car every 3 or 4 months. 

The important thing to note is the waxing product can affect the number of times you wax your car in a year. If the product is right for your car paint, then waxing your car more often than this will probably not hurt your car but isn’t necessary either. 


Another element which affects the waxing process is temperature. The ideal temperature to wax your new car is 16C to 27C. So in the summer, you may wax your car in the morning to avoid the heat. In the winter, you may wax your car in the afternoon so the wax will work probably. 

How To Wax A Car

So you already had the answer for the question: should you wax a new car or not. Let’s move on how to wax a car. As you are going to wax a car. We introduce to you the 4 easy step by step to wax it.

Step 1: Washing Your Car

An important thing to remember before going to wax a car is do not apply the wax to the grimy car surface. That’s why you need to wash the car before waxing it. Wash your entire car and let it completely dry before you proceed with the next step. You can just use mild soap and water and thoroughly clean your car. Make sure you are determined about which wax type you want to use. Keep all the tools and products handy to get the waxing process done easily.

Step 2: Opt For The Pre Wax Treatment

Rubbing or sanding may be needed in case your car has aged to take off the damaged paint. Prepare the surface by getting your car painted for the particular spots. Make sure to use the best scratch repair products to get your car surface ready for the next step. Once your car has an even surface, you are ready to apply the wax.

how long should i wait before waxing a new car
Rubbing or sanding may be needed in case your car has aged to take off the damaged paint. Cre: CHAD HUNT

Step 3: Applying The Wax

There are many types of wax available in the market. Choosing the right product to your car is important. There are wax sprays, paints, pastes, and other forms. Do not go for a cheap alternative; the expensive product is always worth it. Generally, a carnauba functions as the best wax that is not harsh and it does not get off quickly.Get the applicator that comes along with the wax and put some wax on it. Read the instructions for the amount you should consider on the applicator. You also can use the sponge to apply the wax evenly.

Step 4: Removing The Wax

After a few minutes, the wax dries a bit. So you can remove the wax now. Rub your finger through the wax and see if it comes clear. If it does, then it is an indication that you should wipe the wax. You can use microfiber cloth to remove the wax in the same circular motions. Do not let too much build-up to get on the cloth and use another side of it to clean the excess content.

Tips For Washing and Waxing Your New Car

As a new car, you want to protect it more so keep washing the car frequently. It will help to take off the debris that could scratch and damage your car body exposing it to rust conditions. Especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow because the salt on the road can be very damaging to your paint job. 

As we mentioned before, use the circular motion to apply the wax or even to remove the wax. Keep in mind that you should not apply wax to any external plastic surfaces like headlights. 

when to wax a new car
Keep washing the car frequently to take off the debris. Source: The-Drive

Do not delay washing your car because it’s gonna get dirty again. The dirt and chemical that is blocked inside the car paint will destroy the paint. So do not wait until the summer comes to wash your car. Similarly when we insist the answer for “should you wax a new car”, you should wash your car regularly. 

Taking care of the scratches immediately when you find it. The scratch can lead to various serious problems to your car and you will have to pay a lot due to these scratches. Therefore, keep your eyes on the car paint, fix right away if you see any scratches to make your car gloss as long as possible.


Should you wax a new car? Yes, you should, and you should wash it regularly to make sure your car paint looks good overtime. Read more articles about maintenance tips to better understand your car and know what to do when your car is in trouble.

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