10 Benefits of Waxing Your Car

For sure all of you already heard about shoe wax, sandal wax, table wax… But have you ever heard about car waxing? You may wonder what  it is like and what are the benefits of waxing car. So if you do, it is a right article for you to find out car wax advantages.

benefits of waxing car
Waxing your car will bring a lot of benefits for you. Via wheelzine.com

Why Do You Need To Wax Your Car?

As you know and as you are always recommended to wash your car by some mechanics. You also know the reason why you should do that too. It is the same for waxing a car. We are now presenting you the reason why you should wax your car frequently. 

In general, waxing a car includes applying a thin coat of wax to your car’s paint, allowing it to slightly harden, and then buffing it off with a towel or polisher. While it may appear that you’ve removed all the wax from your vehicle’s paint, a thin protective coat will be left behind. Although not visible to the naked eye this protective coat has numerous benefits for your car’s paint.

car waxing
Waxing a car applies a thin coat of wax to your car’s paint therefore help to maintain the paint. Source: Shutterstock

So what are the benefits of waxing car?

10 Benefits Of Waxing A Car

1. Protection from the sun

Do you apply sun cream when you go out in the sun? Yes, for sure you do and we do use sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun. And your car is no exception.  A thin protective coat of wax left on your car’s paint forms a barrier. And that barrier keeps the sun’s rays from harming it. By maintaining a coat of wax on your car’s paint it will prevent fading, discoloring, and oxidation which are common effects of sun damage.

waxing your car
Waxing a car will help to protect your car from the sun. Source: T3.com

2. Protection against the scratches

We can not avoid our car from the scratches in everyday life. What we do is minimize the number of scratches. And one of the best ways is giving your car a coat by waxing. Automotive or car wax is a combined blend of carnauba wax mixed with natural oils, beeswax, and other petroleum distillates. These ingredients provide a thin layer of protection to the clear coat of paint on top of the car body. As you may scratch your car by yourself when you wash it, the coat which is provided by waxing will permit the dirt to slide off the body instead of grinding into paints. As we mention above, car wax won’t fully protect against all clear coat scratches, it can help minimize them.

how to wax a car
Giving your car a coat by waxing will help protecting your car from scratches. Photo Credit: PixieMe/Shutterstock

3. A shield dirt from your car’s paint

Another benefit of the list of benefits of waxing car is making a shield to prevent the dirt from penetrating your car’s paint. Since waxing your car gives a thin and smooth layer on the paint, the dirt is more difficult to stick to the paint. By that, reducing the stickiness of tree sap, bird poop and more. Rather, these sticky contaminants will sit on the smooth wax layer, making it easier to clean off. Additionally, dirt and other particles can become embedded in your car’s paint. This embedded dirt cannot be removed from the car using a normal washing process. 


4. Giving your car a shiny look

A benefit of having car waxing which can be considered as a best benefit is make your car sparkle. Having a shiny car is something that many people wish to achieve, as it can show off a nice car and make you look good as the driver. The car wax soap/ gel/ powder contains natural oils which help add shine to the paint, giving it a fantastic, new appearance. Moreover, car wax can fill in minor imperfections in the clear coat, giving it a more uniform appearance.

car wax advantages
Waxing gives your car a shiny look. Source: eBay

5. Reduction in cost of repairs and maintenance

When you have a chance to protect your car’s paint, it will reduce the times you have to bring your car to the garage for maintenance. The paint would last a longer time and you would benefit from not painting it again and again. By that it will reduce the cost for repair and maintenance.

6. Repels water

Another great benefit of car wax which many people do not consider is it’s hydrophobic properties. Waxing your car will give a layer on the paint. That layer causes water to bead up on your car’s paint, therefore water will slide off very easily. This may even bring dirt along with it, therefore rain will knock more dirt off your car than normal.

7. Easy to use at home

There are many types of wax available in the market nowadays and it becomes easier to use at home. So everything is really convenient since you can buy one at the store and do it yourself at home. 

 8. Save your money

As we always say about the benefits of car waxing. The big benefit behind the car waxing is saving your money. By waxing your car frequently, it can extend the paint’s lifespan significantly, reducing the need to have the vehicle repainted to avoid rust damage. This is why most automotive manufacturers recommend having your car waxed on a regular basis and typically include waxing in their regularly scheduled maintenance.

9. Help mask imperfections

You can really hide the imperfection of your car paint by waxing your car. These very light types of imperfections may become invisible after waxing your car because it fills in cracks in your paint. This results in the scratches becoming temporarily repaired by the wax. Although, it is important to fix light scratches permanently.

benefits of waxing car
Waxing car can hide the imperfection of your car paint. Source: hotcars

10. Improves resale price

A very important benefit of top 10 benefits of waxing car is improving resale price. Sound great, right? After some years of using your car, you may want to change into a new car so resale the used car is what you think about. Everyone wants their car can be sold at a high price. So waxing your car will do a great job to help you leverage your resale car price. Professional automotive estimators consider several factors such as mileage, the condition of the interior, service records, and the body and paint condition. If the paint is chipped, faded, or showing signs of age, it can reduce the resale value. Since most trade-ins are valued near the bottom of the ‘blue book’ scale, making sure the car is in good shape on the inside and outside can improve the resale value.

Is Wax Bad For Car?

It is a frequently asked question before asking how to wax a car. In many forums, with many opinions, some said that you should not wax your car, some say yes. So is wax actually bad for your car? The answer is no if you follow all the instructions on the waxing product package. 

You will need to wash your car properly first. Keep in mind that  keeping your mitt or sponge or whatever clean of debris that could scratch your paint. There are two types of waxes, most are cleaner waxes that have some abrasive component to clean better and some are 100% wax. The 100% waxes are for very clean, most likely garaged vehicles. For regular cars, the cleaner wax is best. Make sure your applicator and buffing cloth are always clean and free of anything that can hard the finish.

is wax bad for car
If you follow all the instructions on the waxing product package, waxing is really good for your car. Source: BusinessTown

Once again, waxing a car is not bad but actually gives you a lot of benefits if you carefully follow the instructions. The benefits of waxing car are huge. Do not miss it!

How often should I wax my car?

It is the most often question which we receive from readers. There is no exact number on how often you should wax your car but in general, professional repairmen recommend you to wax your car twice a year. Since the layer remaining after waxing can last for around 6 months, you can wax your car every 6 months. You may have to go for more number of times in a year if you stay at a place with heavy sunshine. By that, you will enjoy all of the benefits of waxing car.

Check out the most helpful video of how to wax your car from Chemical Guys!

Sum Up

We just introduced to you 10 benefits of waxing car by the article above. Waxing your car will not damage the car paint but even give your car a shiny look. Driving a shiny, clean car is what everyone wants and it is not difficult to wax. So you can do it yourself at home and enjoy the result of it.