How To Wax A Car? The Guide That Reveals It All

Car owners wash up their cars regularly to retain shine and get rid of the dirt. However, waxing is another great method that should be performed once you are done washing your car. Waxing is done on purpose to keep the car’s paint serving for longer and the surface from forming scratches. You may be confused on how to wax a car if you haven’t ever, and on the same, we bring you the guide here.

The Guide On How To Wax a Car Properly

After waxing, you need to clean the surface, but that does not mean, the surface has no protection. A thin layer of waxing leaves its presence on your car, and that is what works as ultimate protection. Let’s get to know the applying method-

Start With Washing Your Car

You would not want to apply the wax on a grimy surface. That is why you should wash the car and make sure the entire surface is clean. Let the car completely dry before you proceed with the next step. You can just use mild soap and water and thoroughly clean your car. Make sure you are determined about which wax type you want to use. Keep all the tools and products handy to get the waxing process done easily, and this way, you go right with how to wax a car.

how to wax a car- know here
Here is how to wax a car (Photo Source: carautothings)

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Opt For The Pre-Wax Treatment

You may also find the surface to leave the paint if your car has aged. In this case, you should rub or sand the surface and take off the damaged paint. Prepare the surface by getting your car painted for the particular spots. Make sure to use the best scratch repair products to get your car surface ready for the next step. Once your car has an even surface, you are ready to apply the wax.

Get A Quality Wax And Start Applying

There are various types of waxes that are different in ingredients and applying methods. There are wax sprays, paints, pastes, and other forms. Do not go for a cheap alternative; the expensive product is always worth it. Generally, a carnauba functions as the best wax that is not harsh and it does not get off quickly.

Get the applicator that comes along with the wax and put some wax on it. Read the instructions for the amount you should consider on the applicator. As a general rule, always take less wax than more as it gets hard to remove when you apply unnecessary amount.

A damp sponge also does the job for applying the wax evenly. Apply it in circular motions and make sure the entire surface is covered by the product.

Tip: Do not go for a shine wax if your car has a matte finish; else it can ruin the overall looks.

Removing The Wax

Wait for a few minutes until the wax dries a bit or as per the instructions. Rub your finger through the wax and see if it comes clear. If it does, then it is an indication that you should wipe the wax.

A microfiber cloth works well to remove the wax in the same circular motions. Do not let too much build-up to get on the cloth and use another side of it to clean the excess content. Keep cleaning the surface until a thin layer is left and you can see a shiny and smooth looking car.

how to wax a car- explained
The best guide on how to wax a car (Photo Source: istockphoto)

Benefits Of Applying The Wax

So, we have seen how to wax a car. But we don’t know the advantages of applying wax regularly on your car. Let’s have these benefits here-

Sun Protection Factor

The wax works as a protective factor against the sun, and the thin layer of wax keeps the surface safe. Too many sun rays harm the paint, and the prolonged exposure can make the paint to peel off. The wax layer works as a great protection agent for the paint and keeps it from fading or discoloring.

Gloss Finish

Regular waxing the surface bestows it with a glossy finish. This way, the paint keeps looking like new, and it prevents the painted surface from aging. The shine you get at the time of buying your car from the showroom can be preserved using the car wax. Here we have got you some more Maintenance Tips.

Avoid Water Spots

Water spots look filthy that leave your car with several white spots. It is because of the hard substances present in water that takes the form once it is evaporated. It takes a lot of effort to keep your car from thee spots; however, often the efforts get wasted. Wax is an amazing solution to this problem too that you won’t have to worry about any spots ever.

how to wax a car- THE GUIDE
Know here how to wax a car (Photo Source: istockphoto)

Scratch Filler

Waxing also makes those tiny scratches fade away by filling them up. These scratches become less noticeable, and sometimes they are not noticeable at all. It does not mean that wax works on all of them; some scratches need to be filled up using the car color having the same color code. It can also need a specialist to fill up those scratches before you can actually do the waxing.

Apply Wax In A Subtle Temperature

Wax is not meant to be applied in hot weather as it quickly dries out and makes the further process difficult to follow up with. It is always best to apply wax indoors or away from the direct sunlight. You can also make use of the garage and make sure the temperature is between 55° and 85° F or 13°C and 30°C.

Also, when it is too cold, the wax becomes hard enough to swipe gently on the surface. That is why you should maintain the temperature factor before going on with the waxing.


So these are all the benefits that come along with waxing every time. Use the instructions for how to wax a car as they come with the product and follow the same to ensure the right application. Use these steps as mentioned, and you will successfully create that heavenly layer on your car’s surface. Determine which kind of wax best suites you and seems time-saving, and you are good to go.

There are professionals as well who do the waxing for different vehicles. In case of confusion, you can take your car and get it waxed professionally.