Top Seasonal Car Repair Across the Year

We all know that seasonal car repair is inevitable. As the season changes, so do your car’s needs. From winterizing your vehicle to repairing a crack in your windshield, the seasonal repair is necessary for staying safe on the road.

Top Seasonal Car Repair Work Across the Year

Car parts are meant to break down, and some of them suffer more damage in specific seasons. Let’s talk about the 9 most common repairs that a car needs across the year.

Repair Work In Winter

A heater system failure is the most common winter car problem, which makes sense because cold weather makes us rely heavily on it. The oil cooler lines and windshield washer pump hold second place.

Both the cooler lines and washer pump hold fluids that may freeze up in cold weather. This could be dangerous and lead to the cracking of the oil lines and windshield pump.

Some other common winter repairs include the replacement of headlight bulbs and windshield wiper motors.

seasonal car repair
Windshield problems are common in winter. (Credit: PxHere)

Repair Work In Spring

Almost 45% of all repairs involve the car windows in this season. It happens because most people ignore window care during the long months of autumn and winter. The motor or regulator is the part that is mainly affected but there could be other problems too.

Closely following the window motor failure is the timing chain trouble, with around 44% of the repair work. Timing chain failure is also a common problem in summer. It’s because there is more dust in the air during this time, which gathers on the timing chain and reduces its lifespan.

Repair Work In Summer

With the rise of temperature, the use of the HVAC system increases significantly. So, it’s not surprising that AC failure is the most common car trouble people face in summer.

While some fixing work can be done by changing just an air filter, others may require much more work, such as replacing the entire compressor or condenser.

Other temperature-related parts that may give trouble during this time are the cooling fan and fan clutch. Another component that frequently fails in summer is the timing chain because of the excessive dust in the air.


Repair Work In Fall

Air springs in the suspension system take the top spot in the seasonal car repair list during this time. Why does this happen? Well, most people take a road trip during summertime, so the suspension system takes a beating. Air Springs help to keep your vehicle from bouncing and can be easily replaced.

Another two components that suffer because of excessive summer trips are the engine distributor and timing cover gasket. The engine distributor either helps to control your vehicle’s ignition timing or routes the electrical bursts to the spark plugs, depending on the engine type.

A timing cover gasket problem will be followed by an oil leakage onto your engine. You can replace it easily with just an O-ring sealant and gaskets from a hardware store.

The Final Words

The best way to keep your car free from all troubles is to do regular checkups and maintenance work. Follow the owner’s manual to detect the common problems and recommended maintenance schedules.