How To Reset Toyota Prius Maintenance Light

Coming with advanced AWD-e, the new Toyota Prius offers its driver traction up to 43mph. The futuristic design also offers ample of storage space to help you pack all the necessities for that weekend picnic. Whether you want to pack all the gear, take your friends or just the essentials, Prius offers considerable storage space, not to forget the crossbars, which provides additional space. However, every technology comes with certain limitations, and similar is the case with the Prius. Many drivers are not able to understand how to reset the Toyota Prius maintenance light when facing such a situation.

How To Reset The Toyota Prius Maintenance Light

The ‘maintenance required’ light indicator on the Toyota Prius is not a thing to worry about for the driver. It reminds the car owner to have the oil changed on time to avoid any hassles. After you change the oil, you would need to reset the light to prevent it from remaining active.

On another note, before you decide to reset the Toyota Prius maintenance light, it is essential to understand the reason it lights up. As compared to the ‘check engine’ light, the maintenance lights up once you have covered a distance for 5,000 miles since its last reset. In such a case, the Prius would need nothing more than an oil change.

However, at times, if you have already changed the oil, and the light is still blinking, then we recommend that you know the proper procedure for the Prius oil reset or maintenance light reset. You must understand that the maintenance light is not intuitive, and one can reset it with a systematic procedure.

1. Power And ODO Button

The primary step is to press the Power button twice with the foot. Keep in mind that your foot should not be on the brake during this step.

Next, use the ODO button below the multi-function display, press to cycle through and stop on the ODO reading rather than on Trip A or Trip B. It is an important step to help you reset the Toyota Prius Maintenance Light without any hassle.

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2. Power Off And ODO Button

Once again, you would need to press the Power button to power down the Toyota Prius. Next, you would need to hold down the ODO button and press the Power button twice with your foot off the brake. Now, continue holding the ODO button down. It is an essential step if you are wondering about How to reset Prius maintenance light.

3. Reset

Now, all you need to do is wait for the flashing dash to disappear, and the ODO reading to reappear. Thus, these are the critical maintenance tips for you to keep your Prius perform at its best.

Voila! You have successfully reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Prius.

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Summing Up

Thus, if you are stuck on how to reset the Toyota Prius Maintenance Light without any hassles, then we recommend that you follow the guidelines mentioned above.