Take Your Pick: The Difference Between Prius Models

Toyota Prius has always been a trendsetter. It pushes the limit again and again in terms of look, styling, and a few other features while the rest of the market follows later. It has become so much popular that the name ‘Prius’ has become synonymous to ‘hybrid cars’ just like Kleenex or Vaseline. If you are looking for this car, you should know the difference between Prius models because each one brings something to the table.

The Difference Between Prius Models: A Head-To-Head Comparison

The car has set the standards for the hybrid automobiles. Toyota was also quick to capitalize on its popularity by launching four variants – Prius, Prius C, Prius V, and Prius Prime. What is the difference between Prius models? Read on to learn the features that make them unique of each other.

The Overview

You need to get to know about all the versions to take the full advantage of this Prius models comparison.
With a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, the standard Prius is a midsize model – standing comfortably between a compact car and a hatchback. It features an edgy styling exuding a futuristic aesthetic.

prius models comparison
The standard Prius model. (Photo Source: autoplus)

The Prius C is the smallest of all the versions featuring the appearance of a traditional hatchback. With a small powertrain, it draws its power from a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder hybrid engine.

The Prius V is the largest in the lot, imitating the look of a wagon. The engine is similar to the Prius standard but returns a slightly lower fuel efficiency due to its larger build.

The Prime is the premium model of this line. Its higher fuel efficiency keeps it ahead of all other versions. Also, it is the only Prius that can run exclusively on in all-electric mode (EV mode).

Check out the comparison between the standard model and other versions to determine the difference between Prius models.

Prius Vs Prius C

‘C’ stands for ‘compact’. If you live in the city or has to manage with a tight parking space, the Prius C is the ideal car. Compared to the standard version, the C has a more cheerful look but it has to compromise with the interior fit and finish to keep the price and size down.

The main difference between Prius and Prius C lies in the engine power and fuel economy. The standard model yields 121 horsepower and produces 54/50 mileage in the city/highway. Whereas, the C version’s mileage is 53/46 in the city/highway. Its 1.5-liter engine can produce 99 horsepower.

prius vs prius c
Prius C. (Photo Source: hotcars)

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The cargo space is 17.1 cubic feet, the lowest of all the models. However, the space is still decent considering that the Prime (the premium model) has almost 2 cubic feet more space.

The interior features and controls of the Prius C are thoughtfully designed and positioned. But, it will get a minus point due to the unimpressive acceleration.

Prius Vs Prius V

The letter ‘V’ in this car denotes ‘versatility’. It shares the same drivetrain as the standard version but with some tweaks. You will get 43/39 mpg city/highway mileage with a maximum 134 horsepower.

It has a ‘Pitch and Bounce’ feature that can sense the fluctuations on the road. It has tall rear doors, taller roofline, and other standard features available across all the models.

difference between prius models
Prius V. (Photo Source: ahoramotor)

However, the Prius V excels all other versions in terms of cargo capacity. You will get 40 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are pushed forward. It will extend to a whopping 67.3 cubic feet – almost similar to some SUVs – when you drop the entire rear row.

The big boy looks traditional, a source of comfort for those who are at unease with the edgy, aggressive looking Prius standard.

Prius Vs Prius Prime

This comparison is the last segment in the difference between Prius models. The Prime is the high-class model in the line. Based on the older Prius plug-in version, it is more expensive and updated because of adding a few bells and whistles.

The Prime is actually the most expensive of all the variations. It costs a few thousand dollars more than the regular make. It looks almost similar to the standard one except for some features in the front side like the lined headlight clusters.

prius vs prius prime
Prius Prime. (Photo Source: major-auto)

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The interior features of the Prime are also better than other versions. It has a head-up display, center touch screen, and many other unique additions. The 19.8 cubic feet cargo space is smaller than the regular Prius model (which offers 21.6 cubic feet) but it is still decent for a hybrid car. Overall, the Prime focuses on quality instead of quantity.

The Final Words

Considering the difference between Prius models, it seems that each model has their own selling points. The regular make seems to be a balanced version. It sits in the middle in terms of cost and functions. However, you should still choose the car depending on your needs and personal preferences.