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Replace Sun Visor of Your Vehicle This Way

Sun glare as its name, protects the eyes of the driver from the sun’s glare. A sun visor gets damaged or loses its effectiveness over time. That is where you feel the need to remove it. Also, when you want to have a better sun visor, you may need to replace sun visor.

While most visors are easy to remove, reading the guide always helps.

How to Replace Sun Visor of Your Car?

Before you head on to car visors replacement, make sure you have got a new sun visor that fits your car or looks appealing to you. There are various sun visors and you should choose as per your budget and preferences.

Sun visors also come as per the total area to block the glare from. Again, it depends on budget, if you spend more, you would get a more attractive and overall more functional visor.

1. Locate the Screws

To know how to fix sun visor, you would need a screwdriver as your primary tool. You can easily locate the screws that hold the visor in place. You just need to loose these screws to take the visor off.

Car visors replacement
Sun visors hold small essentials in car. Source: Youtube

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Some tabs also may be there that you would need to rotate to pull the visor down. In some cases, the screws may not be visible, so you would have to uncover these screws, and using a Philips head screwdriver, you can easily remove the screws.

2. Install New Sun Visor

The next step is about installing the new visor, and a screwdriver again comes to use. If you see any labels on the visor, it is advised not to take them off.

You would first need to insert the tab into the hole or insert the visor stem into the sun visor assembly. Refer to the maintenance tips and get even more tips about managing your car’s condition.

3. Secure the Visor with Screws Again

Now use those screws you took off, and use them to secure the visor. Tighten the screws using a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver. Get the assembly cover back on the visor, and make sure everything is properly installed. Check if the visor is in the right place by testing it for a full range of motion.

If you often face the issue of visors drooping down, you should not weigh them with CDs or any car essentials that add up weight. Or if you have to then choose a visor that is capable enough to bear some load.

How to remove sun visor
Buy sun visor as per the model of your car.  Cre: Adobe Stock


Hope you have now got how to remove sun visor! Even we have tried to provide you the best solution on how to replace sun visor. When choosing a visor to buy, you need to take care of the model and year of your car. As there are different types of visors, you should always prefer the one that is the best fit as per your car. Visors are available in different colors as well, and that is totally a matter of preference.

It is easy to replace sun visor that we hope you would have understood the process by now. So try it now!

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