5 Surefire Ways to Protect Your Car in Rainy Days

Rainwater is not something that you want your automobile to be exposed to. But, you have no control over such a natural occurrence, and stop driving in the rainy season is not a viable option. What’s the solution? Well, you can protect your car in rainy days in many ways. Taking good care will ensure that it will be up and running in stable condition throughout the season.

5 Proven Tips to Protect Your Car in Rainy Days

You must take good care of your vehicle to assure not only the driving safety but also its tip-top condition for years to come. Follow these tips for car maintenance in rainy season:

Don’t let rainwater to sit for a long time

It’s detrimental to the paint of the body. So, wash the car after you are done with the driving for the day. If you need to stay outside for a long time, using wax polish could be a feasible solution. It creates a thin protective layer on the paint and makes water to roll off easily.

car maintenance in rainy season
Rainwater can damage the paint of the car. (photo source: Toyota)

Seal off the openings

It’s important so that rain does not leak inside the car. It’s your duty to check the rubber lining on doors before the arrival of the monsoon. Repair or replace them in case the linings are torn off or damaged. Moreover, grease the door hinges to make them completely watertight. The exposed metal parts may develop rust due to the continuous exposure to water. Spray these areas with an anti-corrosion product to prevent the weathering.

Wash it…frequently

It might not make sense to the rookie drivers as they think that rain is doing that job relentlessly. The truth is any vehicle collects more dirt and grime while driving on wet surfaces and muddy tracks.

Frequent cleaning will protect your car in rainy days from contaminants that can damage the paint. Besides, it will neutralize the acidity in the rain water. However, don’t forget to use a good-quality car shampoo because the dirt and debris will scrub and scratch the soft paint if you don’t lubricate the surface.


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Protect the interiors from water and moisture

Despite taking all the preventive measures, it’s not rare to discover wet carpet and flooring when you are driving in the rain. You should use fabric mats instead of the rubber ones so that they can soak the liquid and always keep extra sets to replace in the time of emergency.

Car maintenance in rainy season
Proper maintenance will keep the interior dry and fresh. (photo source: sophia henderson/Tumblr)

Use a vacuum cleaner and keep a bottle of essential oil or fresh herbs such as mint, rosemary, chamomile, etc. to remove the bad odor. If the seats get wet, avoid the development of mildew by keeping the windows open when parked in the garage.

Take care of tires

The monsoon is a test for the tires because you have to often drive on slippery, muddy surfaces. So, the tread should be at the right depth, and the inflation should be at the proper level to ensure better driving comfort and protect your car in rainy days.