How to Remove Airbag Stickers From Sun Visors?

Airbag stickers on sun visors can be outdated and old after a long time of use. Or maybe you don’t need a notice on the sun visor to remind you about the danger of AirbagsHow can we remove decals effectively without damaging the sun visors? In this article, we will help you solve this problem and show you the ways to remove airbag stickers from sun visors safely and effectively.

Things You Need To Remove Warning Stickers From Visors.

Although it is a very simple job and you can completely do it yourself at home, you still need to be careful during the work process to avoid unnecessary risks. And before that, make sure you do have enough tools to do this. 

You can easily find the tools in your house or pick them up from the stores with just a small budget. The decals are basically made to be “non-removable” by using chemicals or heat. 

So you can use heat or chemical treatments to take them out of the car. We will list you some utensils you need to remove dealer stickers from the car.

  • Wiper (paper towel)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Surface cleaners
  • Heat gun or hairdryer
remove airbag warning stickers
You can easily find the tools at home to remove airbag stickers (Photo:

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Steps To Remove Airbag Stickers From Sun Visors.

Step 1: Remove Sun Visors

Before you start working, you should remove sun visors from cars. You can easily take this part off in your car without taking help from mechanics. 

  • First, you need to gently pry off the top corners of the cover-up. Be careful because it’s easy to break or crack. 
  • Locate the mounting bracket which is behind the visor itself. Start removing the screw from the base of the visor with a screwdriver.
  • Once the screws are loosened, take the visor from the base of the headliner. Slide off the sun visor gently.
  • Place the sun visors on a level surface as work desks or floor to start the process.
remove sun visors
Following the steps, you can remove the sun visors (Photo:

Step 2: Remove Airbag Stickers From Sun Visors

There’re many ways to remove airbag warning stickers, but in the article, we just focus on two basic methods.

remove airbag stickers
In this step, we will use 3 methods to remove airbag stickers from sun visors (Photo:

Using alcohol 

  • Clean the decal to be peeled off
  • Use a towel to soak in Rubbing Alcohol to place on the edges of the decal. Keep the towel wet, let the alcohol soak into the sticker for about 15~20 minutes so that you can gradually peel off the decals.
  • In case, stickers are still glued on the sun visors after using alcohol. Use flat objects (plastic cards, knives) to remove the peeled decal edges. Then continue to absorb alcohol underneath the decal until all peeled off.
  • Use cleaning chemicals(vinyl cleaner) to clean the residual adhesive on the sun visors.

Using hot water.

Just like a heat gun, hot water also applies heat to the adhesive layer, causing them to melt and easily pull the decal from the visors. Please note that water must be really hot from 90-100 degrees Celsius or else it will not work. The steps to remove the stickers are also like using Rubbing Alcohol.

  • Wipe the decal to be removed on the car
  • Spray hot water on the surface of the decal. Water absorbs the adhesive and softens and melts, making it easier to pull off the decal.
  • Use a knife or similar type of tool to peel off the edges of the decal sheets and remove them by hand.

Using heat.

The principle to apply this method is to use the heat of a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen the adhesive layer, making it easier to remove them.

  • Use a heat gun or hairdryer, turn on the heat setting, and place them a few centimeters away from the decal. You leave it like this for about 30 seconds for the adhesive on the back of the sticker to melt. Be careful burning your fingers, while preheating the sticker as you peel.
  • Once the adhesive has melted and feels soft to the touch, using a  card or razor, gently pry up one corner of the decal until you can use your hands to peel it off.

Besides using these 2 methods, you can use chemicals to remove airbag stickers from sun visors. The use of chemicals is an extremely effective and fast method. These substances cause the solvent to react or dissolve with the decal adhesive to make it easier to remove. 

However, the use of chemicals can harm the skin of your hands if you do not take proper care. Besides, if you are unfortunate enough to breathe in the vapors of these chemicals, it will also cause adverse health effects. Depending on the type of chemical will have different uses in different cases.

Step 3: Re-installing Sun Visors

  • Install the visor in its designated position. Insert the body of the visor into the hole where the visor is placed in the ceiling of the car
  • Take the screws you removed and use them to secure the visor. Tighten the screws with a flathead screwdriver.

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These are some simple techniques to help you remove airbag stickers from sun visors. Please note that in some cases, these steps can’t completely remove the decals, so you might do it many times or research detail before starting the process. Hopefully, the article will be useful for you.