Plausible Reasons to Replace Your Oil Filter and Air Filter

When driving is one of your regular activities, periodic maintenance becomes a priority. The atmosphere is a hub of airborne particles that get attracted by the car filters. This makes scrutinizing and replacing the oil filter and air filter a mandatory job. Let’s explore the unique reasons that would lead you to getting them changed right away.

Why Change Your Oil Filter And Air Filter?

The job of a filter is to strain away the impurities that get accumulated over the course of time. With excessive use, filters may get congested to a point where they require replacement. Never leave the filter change unattended if a smooth ride is what you seek for. Let’s put the facts straight as to why filter change should never be left for tomorrow.

1. The Overall Motive Behind Filter Change

One may have a perception that changing oil and air filters may cost you a fortune. That is not the case though! It is cheap and should never be given a miss. Just like normal water filter is apt at sieving away the impurities, so is any car filter. When it comes to the engine’s overall cleanliness and its life on the road, filters play a positive role.

The thing is that people are ignorant about these filters and do not pay heed to replace them. It is only when a mechanic pops out a clogged filter that you realize that how worse the situation has got. Dirty filters could lead up to loss of speed, or even lack of power when driving across the mountains. That is why; no matter how old or newer the vehicle, remember to replace your oil filter and air filter on a periodic basis.

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2. Why Replace The Air Filter?

If you have a good understanding of how combustion works, you would know how air and fuel mix up to trigger the process. It is the air filter that offers the inlet to the air. What may bother though are the dust, insects, and dirt from the atmosphere that also finds its way to the air filter surroundings.

All about Oil Filter and Air Filter
Reasons to Replace Your Oil Filter and Air Filter (Photo Source: carshouse)

Cleaning air filter thus becomes a job that would enhance the engine performance greatly. When the air that gets into the engine is pure, the blend of fuel and air would prove to be the best. Another advantage is that of better fuel economy and the prevention of black smoke outburst owing to the optimal combustion process. You could go through maintenance tips for what else you could do for improving fuel economy.

3. Why Replace The Oil Filter?

The oil filter is the premier part of the car’s mechanical block. It is the component that assures that the oil entering the system is clean and impurity free. You would be wondering what difference it makes. The thing is that oil has a multi-purpose role to play. On the one hand, it keeps the combustion section cool, and on the other side, it keeps the engine parts running smoothly. Purification of the oil is essential so that it upkeeps its job to the best of its capacity.

When you change your oil filter, you indirectly reduce the chances of engine wear. While there would be unclean oil running through the system, the oil flow speed would get slow, and that is not a favorable situation. When concerned about how often to replace oil filter, remember to replace it on your every oil change. This would certainly help eliminate the probability of new oil soiling.

All about replacing oil filter and air filter
Actual reasons for changing oil filter and air filter (Photo Source: cartuneautorepair)

Wrapping Up

Filter change may not be something you are bothered about but neglecting it could cost you a fortune. Whether new to driving or a skillful one, do consider changing the oil filter and air filter frequently. After all your and the engine’s safety is in your hands!