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How Frequent Should Be An Oil Filter Change

How Frequent Should Be An Oil Filter Change
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An oil filter change mostly depends on the present condition of your car. It also depends on your nature of driving. Even after draining the oil, a portion remains in the engine; so, you should perform an oil filter change at the same time, as well. And, Oil filter replacement should not cost more than $4-$10.


Take Account of the Driving Conditions and the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual will exactly dictate a definite timeframe for an oil filter replacement during “normal” and “severe” conditions. For example, if you own a 1990 Honda Accord, you have to change oil filter after every 5,500 miles. On other occasions, severe driving conditions may lead to immature oil filter replacement, as low as just after driving 5 miles with excessive load, or stop and go driving. An older car is more likely to contaminate the oil faster than usual. Ageing gaskets and other parts deteriorate real soon and leak in debris, grim and dust.


How to change an oil filter

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Wrenches and Filter Parts

There are different types of tools and wrenches to replace an oil filter. The most common of which is used to loosen the “spin-on” filter. The metal band in it contracts around the filter and grips it as you turn the handle. Pliers-type oil filter wrenches are also there. The tooth-grip and long handle help you to easily exert torque on the filter using your hands and arms. If you perform the maintenance task yourself, it is necessary, especially when a shop spins the filter too tightly.

In other cars, there is an internal oil filter. If it is the case, all you need is a socket wrench for oil filter replacement. After you have reinstalled the oil filter, use a drain plug gasket to seal the oil, if necessary.

Maintain due safety standards while changing your car’s filter and oil. Things like rags, gloves, filter wrench and flashlight will come handy.


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