How to Protect Car from Sun: Interior and Exterior Care

Sun protection for a car is important, especially when you live in an area that can get pretty hot in summer. Sun rays can damage both the exterior and interior of a vehicle. Here are some tips to protect car from sun and heat.

Exterior Care: Protect Car from Sun

How to protect car paint from sun. The most prominent sun damage to car is the cracking and fading of the exterior paint layer. Apply a protectant to the paint to prevent fading and protect against various harmful chemicals, such as acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and other environmental pollutants. Waxing the car will also offer the same level of protection.

how to protect car paint from sun
Car waxing will protect the paint from the sun. (Credit: Adam Cohn / Flickr)

Protect the tires. Spray your tires with silicone spray when they’re still wet after washing them to avoid having any dirt stick to dry rubber.

Check tire pressure. Hot pavement may puncture an underinflated tire. So, check the tire pressure every time you go out in hot weather.

Interior Care: How to Protect Car from Sun

Leather seat protection. Anything made of leather can crack or peel because of long exposure to heat and UV rays. Use a leather conditioner to prevent such damage. Use seat covers if you don’t want to use the conditioner often.

Keep your windows tinted. If you live in a hot area, you should have dark window tints installed. This will protect the interior of your car from direct exposure to UV rays. The darker the tint, the better protection it offers. However, too dark shades can be illegal in some places.

Dashboard and steering protection. The dashboard and steering wheel are especially susceptible to heat and should therefore be protected too. You can do this by using a windshield sun protector whenever you park in areas where they will get direct exposure to sunlight.

Park in the shade. This is the easiest and most budget-friendly solution. Whenever you are out in the sun, find a shaded place to park. Keep one or two windows a little open to equalize the air pressure and reduce the interior temperature.


Under the Hood Protection from Sun

Excessive heat can cause problems to various components under the hood. The cooling system, battery, air conditioners, and all types of fluids take the most of the heat.

You should always check the fluid levels and top off when the levels get lower. Examine the cooling system and air conditioner to see if they are overheated or working properly.

High temperatures can cause a car battery to fail before time. Regular checking of the battery condition and the charging system is the only way to avoid any disaster.


UV rays and heat from the sun can be quite damaging to both the interior and exterior of your car. To protect car from sun, make sure to take a few extra steps when you park in areas that will get direct sunlight exposure. Let us know if you find these tips useful or apply some other protective methods.