An Insight into the Most Overrated Car Modifications So Far

Car modifications have always been a prominent part of the car industry. The fact that may surprise you is that most of these modifications are unnecessary. If you analyze closely, you’ll know how overrated car modifications have been pulling money out of your pockets.

Read on to explore some of the most overhyped ones.

4 Overrated Car Modifications That Could Be Done Away With

The manufacturer of the car produces one version of the car but the further changes to modify the original model refer to the car modifications. Such modifications are generally implemented to enhance the car’s performance or to improve its visual looks. Whatever the modification be, sometimes it turns out to be least helpful.

1. The Bull Bars

Bull bars are components that are generally embedded in the car’s front. They help to fend off the accidents or potential stray animal collisions. But is it worth the hype? The bull bars only protect the front while the chassis and the passengers may still be under the impact of the hit on the bull bar.

Though some people may think different; owing to the dents and breaks the bull bars reduce. On the other side, bull bumpers are one of the most overrated car modifications that may prove to be a waste addition.

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Top overrated car modifications
Bull Bars are the best overrated car modifications (Photo Source: wallpaperima)

2. The Bigger Wheels

People generally move on to bigger and wider wheels with low profile tires. Why is that so? This adds a luxurious feel and intends to enhance the overall grip when driving down the lanes. Owing to the present times, the manufacturer’s version already comes with high-quality wheels. The other fact is the wider wheels are heavier than the original ones.

The heavier wheels add on to the unsprung weight, in turn, making the suspension system nearly ineffective. The result of this ineffectiveness may lead to less of a smooth drive at the bumpy terrains.

3. Cat-Back Exhaust System

Cat back systems promise more of power to the engine. You may enhance the power gains to an extent, but you would have to compromise on the other factor. The high cost of the system and the noise level are two things you have to let go off.

Another drawback is the weight these exhaust systems add on to the car. While considering achieving desired horsepower levels, you may end up doing away with certain other things.

4. The Headlight Conversions

From halogen headlights to HID or LED, the transformation has come gradually through the years. HID lights generate more heat whereas, LED headlights do not generate light in the same intensity as the halogens. With LED lights on the road, the vision distance decreases, especially in the night.

Insight to someoverrated car modifications
Overrated car modifications includes halogen headlights (Photo Source: bestheadlightbulbs)

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The HID and LED lights though seem like highly illuminated in the front of the driver. The illusion here is highly deceptive. When you drive down the road, you’ll realize the distance vision is highly reduced. Though there are some benefits of HID, explore them by referring to maintenance tips.


These were four overrated car modifications that may appear to be a good deal but are not. Remember to put your hard earned money to use the right way because as it is rightly said, “there is always more to what meets the eye.”