6 Bad Car Modifications That Won’t Make a Car Faster

Who won’t be delighted if an aftermarket modification increases his car speed significantly? Well, there are several ways to improve the performance of your automobile, but bad car modifications can be disastrous instead. These can decrease the resale value and sometimes make it actually dangerous to drive.

The Bad Car Modifications You Should Avoid

There are countless mods available but going for the wrong ones will make you look downright foolish! If you are searching for ways to how to make your car faster, steer clear of these:

A Large Wing

Unless you are driving a Formula 1 racing car, slapping a wing on the rear or the front will only increase weight and drag. The purpose of such wings is to create downforce and keep the car planted to the road. Your vehicle would have that thing factory installed had its performance demands that kind of stability.

how to make your car faster
A large wing will only increase weight and drag. (photo source: Road and Track)

Adding Stickers and Racing Stripes

It’s only common sense that slapping stickers on the body is not going to increase the speed of your car. Rather, the things that sticker bombing will do are to limit the views of other drivers and dissuade the buyers at the time of selling it.

The same goes for painting racing stripes on the hood. Despite inciting laughs from real car enthusiasts, it will not in any way make your vehicle faster.

Check this video to learn about a few more mods to avoid:

Big Rims

Bigger is not always better! Many people may think that giant rims and equally big tires will help a vehicle run faster. The truth is it’s one of those bad car modifications that not only decrease the acceleration of the wheels but also affect the ride comfort. It may increase the grip a bit in some cases, but that’s insignificant considering the inconvenience it brings.


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Cheap Performance Chips

If you really want to make your automobile faster, you’ll have to spend real money. The online is dotted with cheap knock-offs offers, and an amateur may think that a $15 cheap from eBay or Craigslist will make his Camry a Mercedes-Benz. Installing inexpensive chips won’t improve the performance and can do more harm than good to your engine.

Using Premium Oil for Old Cars

Synthetic oil is better than traditional fuel and also enhances the performance of a vehicle. However, putting premium-standard synthetic fuel in an old car will not do any good. It may help run the engine parts more smoothly and reduce the friction, but there won’t be any noticeable change in the speed.

synthetic oil
Using premium synthetic oil for an old car won’t help. (photo source: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

Huge Mufflers

An exhaust system lets the engine breathe more easily but fitting a massive back box is just overkill. Unless you have done a complete upgrade of the system, a large muffler will only produce lots of smoke and vex the people around you.