Must know Things About Keyless Entry Installation

If you are planning for keyless entry installation, you need to be very careful about it. The systems are very complex and you need to have a thorough understanding before you proceed further. Each car has a different model and has a different wiring system.  It is always better to have your vehicle diagram so that Keyless Entry Installation becomes easier though there appear seemless-installing solutions like in this list of ‘best car remote starters.  If you do not have a wiring diagram, you can search for it online. Type the model number and the car brand; you can get the details easily.

Here are the steps to be followed:

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Identify your wiring system:

Find out the wiring system of your vehicle before you opt for a Keyless Entry Installation.

Get an access to the wires:

Get an access to the wires

You need to remove the panels that are underneath the dash and the steering column to get an access to the wires. Find out the location of the wiring harness and chop the black wires to have a complete look at the wires. The colour of the wire might be different depending upon the car and the keyless entry system.

Prep Wires:

Prep Wires

If you aren’t using certain features like a trunk, chop the wires down to about six inches and tape them to the main harness with black electrical tape. This will prevent them to be a hindrance during the installation.

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wiring Connections

Slightly cut away a small amount of the covering on the wires in your vehicle’s wiring harness. Next, strip the ends of the wires in the keyless system. Now connect all the wires to the stripped area of the car wires. Do not cut any existing wires of the car.

Program the systems:

Now the system is installed and all the connections are secure to program the remote functions. You can program the ignition controlled door locks, the door unlocks pulse, ignition trigger feature, chirp mode, and the passive starter defeat.  You can remote them as per your need. You are done with Keyless Entry Installation.

Quick fixes for keyless entry problems:

keyless entry problems

If your battery is dead, you need to replace it with a new one. Check the polarity and insert the battery and seal it with the screws.

The door locks are controlled by the relays and if there is a problem with the relay, it is tricky to fix it. Purchase a 12-volt 30-amp relay. Use the screwdriver and remove the screws. Find out the wires and pull off the connectors from the fused relay. Replace it with the new relay at the right position.

Thus, these simple tips will help you with Keyless Entry Installation and you do not have to hire any professionals. Pay complete attention while dealing with wires and you are sure to be successful in Keyless Entry Installation. Do share your feedback with us.

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