What’s The Most Misunderstood Thing About Car Engines?

It is okay not to understand a thing about the car engines rather than the fact that it is the heart of your car. The engine is the thing that is responsible for making your car running and initiates all the functions inside. However, there are less known things as well, which is always good to know. Let’s have the same here-

Car Engines: Some Interesting Things To Know About

We all ask about the engine’s capacity, the type of oil it runs on, and the technology it serves, such as Turbocharged. Additionally, there are more aspects of an engine that once you have read, you understand your engine more than ever.

Car engines do have a lifespan even if this factor hasn’t advertised ever. The automobile companies want the customers to believe that the engine serves forever. Thus you may never take the engine as having a lifespan, but actually, it does. The average life expectancy was 7 to 8 years previously, but with the new technologies, the engine can serve up to 10 years without any major faults.

car engine
A car engine should have sufficient oil to function(Photo Source: garagedream)

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We often believe that having a smaller engine means more MPG. However, it is not always true because a small engine means a small motor that needs to work at its maximum capacity to power your car. When the motor operates at its maximum capacity, it affects the efficiency, and that means somewhat larger engines may provide better MPG.

When you idle the engine, you spend no gas, or it is too low that it does not even count. For example, a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine spends 0.2 gallons of gas, and that is merely an amount. However, this amount grows with the capacity of the engine, such as a 5.0L V8 will spend about 0.5 gallons of gas.

Interesting Facts Continued …

When your car is moving, and you lift off your foot from the gas pedal, it means no gas is spending. The motion that the car is already in keeps it moving, and that does not need the gas until the car is about to stop.

The engine only needs to be warmed up in winters and not any other season. Modern engines are designed in a way that they start instantly without making you wait.

It is essential to have oil in the engine since it keeps the engine and parts lubricated. It is important to timely check for the oil level and makes sure it is sufficient. Running a car without sufficient engine oil means a direct visit to the mechanic.

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A car that works on the gasoline engine uses a four-stroke combustion cycle. This cycle converts gasoline into motion that is known as the Otto cycle. It is named after Nikolaus Otto, who invented it in 1867.

The spark plug is responsible for the combustion process that mixes the ratio of air and fuel. This needs to take place at the right time for things to happen.

 four-stroke combustion cycle
Spark plug initiates the combustion process(Photo Source: jobsautorepair)


An engine may seem like rocket science to someone who does not know the insights. However, getting enlightened about the different parts of an engine and how they contribute to overall functioning can ease up things to understand the car engines.