Why Do Truck Drivers Idle The Engine?

You may often see those truck drivers leaving with their engines on. You may wonder why, why they just can’t roll the key and put the engine off. Also, many times, it irritates to hear that hum even for minutes when you are stuck in a situation where you have to. Today, we are going to give you an explanation on ‘why do truck drivers idle the engine.’ Let’s the part coming here-

Why Do Truck Drivers Idle the Engine – The Reasons

Idling the truck does eat up fuel, and that means truck drivers have to spend money on buying the fuel. Even then they practice it regularly even for hours. Read out the reasons here so you won’t stay wondering next time while seeing an idle engine.

1. Regulating The Temperature

This may be the first aspect on why do truck drivers idle the engines. Idling the truck creates insulation inside that keeps the environment cozy for the driver. In the winters, when temperatures freeze up, keeping a truck on can be a true saver. The same applies in the summers when the temperatures remain scorching. It can be managed well by turning the heater or AC on.

Idle the engine to regulate the weather (Photo Source: pixabay)

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2. Keeping The Appliances Alive

Many truck drivers prefer to keep some appliances in the cab section such as a TV or any cooking device. These utilities need batteries to run continuously, and by powering off the truck, the battery source dies after a limit. It forces the drivers to keep the engine on so they can savor on the utilities as per the requirements.

3. Engine Care

Trucks have a different kind of engines, unlike a car. Your car gets easily start whereas the case is opposite to the trucks. A truck’s engine needs to be warm up before it can start. This is the reason that truckers do not turn off the engine; hence, they save time that is needed to heat up the engine. This becomes a significant problem in an icy season where powering off the truck’s engine freezes it up and powering it on becomes time-consuming undoubtedly.

4. Sound Sleep

Along with all these fair reasons, there is something interesting too. The hum of an idle truck creates a white sound like noise. This noise, in turn, works to provide the truckers a sound sleep as they hear outside chirping less. This is something to do with their schedules that make them sleep in the trucks only. To fulfill their minds with sleep, they find the humming noise a blessing.

5. Free Of Cost Idling

This is another simple reason for idling the truck. Most of the truck drivers do not own the truck. It is the transportation company that pays all the bills on maintenance as well as the fuel. Therefore, whether it is $10 or 100, a trucker does not worry about burning the oil. There are more facts about idling and maintain a truck’s engine in the Maintenance Tips.

Idling the truck does not cost the driver (Photo Source: pixabay)


These are some of the common reasons on ‘why do truck drivers idle the engine.’ We hope you would find it helpful and won’t get irritated whenever seeing an idling truck. However, it also contributes to environmental pollution, and it is the way it has to be, until some rules on idling occur.