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When Do You Need a Car Transmission Flush?

When Do You Need a Car Transmission Flush?
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There’s nothing worse than car trouble, especially when you‘re completely unprepared for it. It’s costly, stressful, and can take up time and resources you don’t have. We know the stress of having to fix unwanted repairs, especially transmissions. In most cases, your transmission should be flushed every two years.In the meantime, it’s best to regularly check your fluids and take note of any signs of trouble. The following are 5 signs that you may need a car transmission flush.

Sign 1 – Problem Shifting Gears

If your car is refusing to shift smoothly (too early or two late), or if you hear any strange noises like a clunky sound, that means that you need a car transmission flush.


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Sign 2 – Odd smells from your transmission

If you smell odors coming from your transmission, especially when you’re changing gears, it’s a possible indication that the fluid is old and dirty.


Sign 3 – Surging of the Vehicle

If your vehicle is jerking or surging when it shifts gears you may need to have clean fluid added to your transmission. Dirty transmission fluid can cause your transmission gears to shift hard causing your vehicle to jerk some.


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Sign 4 Delay in Vehicle Movement

If your vehicle stalls or hesitates to move forward when you first start it and put it into gear, your transmission fluid may be full of dirt and other micro particles. In this case, a transmission flush may help.


Sign 5 – Fluid underneath your vehicle

If you see pools of fluid under your car, especially pink or red fluid, it could mean your transmission has a leak. A transmission flush will help determine where, if any, the leaks are.

When a transmission fails, there are multiple ways the issue may be addressed. Knowing your options may help you decide which is the best for you and what is the difference.


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  1. lovedale mwila says

    This is good information am learning . thank you cars from japan

    1. lan says

      Thank you for your comment.

      1. Malumbo Chirwa says

        We hardly find Matic J fluid in Malawi

  2. dennis howell says

    I have a 2010 ford ranger RHD. The problem i am having is whenever i drive and stop, if i remain in DRIVE the vehicle shuts off. What i have to be doing is place the vehicle in NEUTRAL as soon as i stop. Todate no one can tell me the problem. Can you say what is the problem?

  3. Hillary K. Tarus says

    This is wonderfull.

  4. Anko Djon says

    How about manual transmission?

  5. Rowan Muwuya says

    check yo vacuum pipes they might be broken or your brake booster

  6. cosmas says

    My car Honda fit area 2003 model it started a problem with strange noise of clunky sound whenever I want to drive or rives gear I hear that strange sound to the engine what could be the problem. Or do I need to flush it?

    1. Clement says

      My wife’s Honda fit ARIA had the same problem, it vibrates when u jst start moving so am wondering if it’s the same problem ok f transmission

  7. Ronald muhwezi says

    Does this apply to both manual and automatic? I of recent imported a used car from Japan. It seems to be showing the signs indicated above. When I’m driving at high speed and brake, the engine jerks; also when I’m taking off, it takes time to pick the gear.

  8. Alphonce says

    My 1998 Escudo vibrates more when engaged.. Smoother when in neutral,what could be the issue?

  9. Japheth says

    When an drivibg My Subaru outback at speeds above 80kph I experience a sliding effect at the rear which is scaring. What could be the problem.could it be alignment or balancing problem ?
    Thank you

  10. Burt Silver says

    I have been having some car trouble recently. My transmission has been acting up, but I haven’t known whether or not I needed to flush it. I didn’t realize that a flush could help determine whether or not you have a leak. I should give that a try and see what is going on.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank you for contacting Car From Japan. I suggest you bring the car to a local mechanical shop o solve your problem.

  11. MULA says


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