Is It Bad To Redline Your Car? Here Is The Answer

People love to take their favorite cars for long drives very often. And, swinging the speed needle up and down is not a big deal on empty roads. The car drivers might wonder of the pressure that engine goes through because of overspeeding. This process of overspeeding is considered as Redlining the Vehicle as well. This whole procedure is considered as dangerous for the engine life and transmission box. Alternatively, there are people who call this activity better at some place. So, is it bad to redline your car?

Let’s find out the answer to this suspicious question below:

Wondering Is It Bad To Redline Your Car? Go Through The Damages

Redlining the car refers to crossing the par limit offered by the car manufacturers. Apparently, there is a redline in the car for a valid reason and passing the limit might not be ideal for your favorite car’s engine. The engine and gearbox are not meant to drive in a destructive manner. This may cause a lot of damage to the shafts and transmission system at the same time.

The redlining trouble in traditional cars is not the same with modern ones. This is because modern cars have automatic transmission system and higher horsepower to boost the engine. Cars with manual shifting are highly prone to enter the red zone swiftly. This is the only reason that car manufacturers provide Rev Limiter and professionally designed tachometers in the car.

Let’s talk about the damages that a car faces after passing the par limit

1. Damaging The Engine

Tachometer indicates the speed and RPMs of the car to stay within the limits. One can easily go through the safe rotational speed from the indicators on tachometer as well. Driving a car above the limit sounds exciting but is it really good for your car? No! it’s not. The manufacturers have quality tested the thing for a number of times and then designed a redline to avoid any dilemmas.

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Speeding over the redline spins the engine to the highest degree, which generates excessive heat that might affect the performance. That is why all the sports cars have an inbuilt engine cut-off feature that stops the fuel flow and stop the engine spinning. So, have you got the answer for “is it bad to redline your car” yet? If not, then let’s continue to further damages.

2. Smashing Up The Transmission

Passing the redline limit before the engine gets completely warm can hurt the transmission greatly. Crossing the redline may smash the entire shafts and transmission system. This is because the oil temperature takes a little longer to warm up before taking the boost. So, make sure to follow the maintenance tips properly for the better driving experience.

3. Generating Maximum Torque & Power

This may sound great to generate maximum torque and power in the car but things are not like that. The engine has to bear a lot while accomplishing max torque and power. And, the whole process can lead to engine back-off as well. The engine might not start for a little while and even cost you to fortune. So, pursue the driving tips accordingly.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all! These were some of the damages that passing a redline treats to any automobile. Hope you have got the answer for “is it bad to redline your car” now!