How to Install Fog Lights: The Step-By-Step Guide

Installing or replacing the fog lights in the cars that come already equipped with them is easy. However, vehicles that do not come with fog lights can also be attached to them. Here we are going to demonstrate how to install fog lights by using the factory fog light, bezel, and wiring kit.

How to Install Fog Lights: The Step-By-Step Guide

Get to the battery and disconnect the negative terminal.

Lay the wiring in the layout you want while avoiding any areas that can get in the way.

Under the steering wheel, you will find the interior panels. Handle these parts with care and remove the fuse access panel by hand. Another panel that is below the steering column should be unbolted.

Now you can choose the location for the switch. It should be a location that is easily accessible.

Go to the ground and look for other ground wires. You would find a bolt going through metal. You need to remove this bolt and slide the ground connector and retighten the bolt.


Find an empty fuse of 12V by using the voltmeter when the engine is on. Find the fuse and connect the positive connector. This will turn the fog lights on and off when the engine is on and off.

Now going further on how to wire fog lights, take the wiring through the firewall, you can use a coat hanger if the firewall seems stiff enough.

Here you connect the on/off switch wiring to the engine bay wiring. Any excess wiring should be bundled and put in the interior panels so it doesn’t come in the way.

Now you need to make the connection to the location of the fog lights or where you would install the fog lights. You may find an open space behind the headlights, and you may also need to remove the fender to access it from the other side.

When the piece is removed, you will access the space when the fog lights can be equipped. Use a plastic trim removal tool to take off the plastic cover if it doesn’t come off manually. Just connect the wiring connections on each side and you are done.

Make sure you connect the positive lead to the positive battery terminal and connect the fog lights to the wiring.

Before bolting these lights, you can run a test to check if everything works fine. Reconnect the negative battery terminal that you disconnected before starting the process. You will know if the fog lights are working while performing the test. Later, you can bolt everything and arrange it neatly.

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Adjusting the Fog Lights

At last, you may also need to check the orientation of the fog lights. Use the adjustment screw and aim the lights. Put everything back in order, and your fog lights should be installed neatly.

Whether you are replacing the fog lights or installing them in a vehicle that never had fog lights, always install them on the lower half of your front end. These lights should exist below the headlights, or measuredly, 10 to 24 inches above the ground. Remember that fog usually starts about 2 feet off the ground, it would be better if you install fog lights below that level.

Fog lights kit is available in market
Disconnect negative battery terminal before proceeding. Cre: Mansaratov |

The simple idea to mount the fog lights is below the fog level, so the illumination can penetrate fog and provide visual clarity. However, you should never use them with high-beam headlamps or auxiliary lights. This will not let you see the oncoming traffic and would be dangerous.

Why are Fog Lights Essential in Any Vehicle?

Now that you have an idea about fog lights installation, let’s know why having the fog lights in the first place is essential.

Fog lights let you see even the edges of the road in the dark that headlights simply can’t.

These lights do not create glare or it is much less and hence they create clear visibility of the ground, especially when the environment is foggy.

Since fog lights don’t point straight unlike headlights, this illumination source doesn’t reflect fog or snow in the driver’s eyes.

Fog lights make the overall appearance in the front much better. Also, there are various styles of these lights that one can choose as per the preference. There are OEM style lights that come with blue or amber hue.

To get additional help with fog lights installation, you can watch videos about the installation and follow the instructions. Fog light kits are available offline as well as online, get these lights as per your comfort, but always stick with your budget. Depending upon the quality and overall accessories, a fog light kit can charge you up to $50.

Fog lights installation
Orient fog lights rightly for clear visibility. Source: eBay


In case you are using a universal fog light kit, you can choose the place where you want to mount the fog lights. You won’t have to find a place behind the headlights in this case. So this was all about how to install fog lights that is a simple enough process you can try with your vehicle.