10 Genius Car Cleaning Tips: Your Car Will Thank You!

Maintaining a car takes time and is expensive, but you can save a handsome amount if you know a thing or two about car cleaning. If you are smart and know some tricks, you don’t have to spend big money on car cleaning supplies, automatic car wash, and a professional auto detailer. If you love DIY, there are plenty of car cleaning tips to exploit for saving on the expensive car cleaning.

10 Genius Car Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a car is not rocket science. The process is much easier when you know what to be done. With so many hacks, blogs, and expert tips out there, it is difficult to find out the accurate techniques that work.

Well, we have done the research and brought some ingenious car cleaning tips that produce results.

1# Rub Olive Oil On Leather Things

The real struggle of having anything leather is to prevent cracking. You can keep the leather seats and the dashboard of the car shiny and dust-free by using a simple ingredient—olive oil.

car cleaning
Olive oil is super handy. (Photo Source: carmudi)

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Put some oil on a clean rag and rub onto the seats and dash. Olive oil is something that you already have in the house and is cheaper than expensive leather polish.

2# Use Toothpaste For Cloudy Headlight Covers

The yellowish and cloudy headlight lenses are a big problem, and you can solve it by using something like regular toothpaste. Rub some toothpaste over the plastic cover of the headlights and then rinse with clean water. To keep the shine intact, polish the lights with car wax.

3# Create A Protective Layer With Ceramic Coatings

Who does not want their car to look brand new? But it seems that the exterior painting is bound to lose the flare over time. Despite regular washing, water spots, swirl marks, and stains will settle on the outer surface. You can get rid of the problem by applying ceramic coatings. It was once a costly ingredient available only to some professional detailers. But the price and availability are now within the reach of the end-users. The coating will create an extra layer on the painting, deflecting mud, grime, and water.

4# Clay Bar For Ultimate Shining

So many people get frustrated because their car does not glow despite cleaning regularly. There is one of the cheapest car cleaning tips to make the car all shiny again. It’s a clay bar that is available at within $20. Clay makes the car surface clean and sparkling again. Use a layer of ceramic coating to make the shine last for a long time.

5# Wipe Off Rust Using Coca-Cola

Rust can spread like bacteria. A small spot today, and it propagates across the body before you can blink. Rust literally eats out the metal so you have to take quick action before severe damage.

car cleaning tips
Coca-cola removes rust. (Photo Source: coca-cola)

One simple solution is spraying coca-cola onto those spots and wiping after a while. You may need to use a bit arm strength, but the technique is effective. The acid in the cola breaks down the rust formation.

6# Remove Decals With WD-40

We all know the pain of removing the gluey residue of the bumper stickers. Well, the WD-40 makes the process a breeze. Just soak the stickers with the liquid and wait for at least 5 minutes. The stickers will peel off easily from the surface.

7# Slime For Tough Corners

Slime is a great tool for reaching all those corners that are hard to clean with a rag like the areas around the transmission stick, the crevices between seats, the glove box, and other places. Press the slime over those areas and dirt will stick to it.

You can even prepare the slime at home by mixing a 1/4 of a cup of sodium tetraborate (Borax), 1.5 cups of warm water, and 5 ounces of white school glue together.

8# Squeegee For Pet Dander

People who have pets know how hard it is to remove their hair from the car seats and other places. Good news is you don’t need to hire a professional to clean the pet dander. Squeegee makes this job a cinch for you. It can catch the furs after you give the seats a light drizzle of water.

tips for car cleaning
A homemade solution can make the seats new again. (Photo Source: decoratorist)

9# Remove Stains With Homemade Solution

A mixture of ammonia and water will not only remove upholstery stains but also brighten its color. There’s no point of spending money on expensive stain removers when you can get such a cheap cleaning solution.

10# Get Sparkly Tires

All these car cleaning tips are about scrubbing the interior and enhancing the looks. But what about the tires? Don’t worry! There’s a homemade solution for them too. Create a paste by mixing a half cup of baking soda with a tablespoon of dish soap. Apply the paste on the tires and hubcaps and scrub with warm soapy water. They will look brand new again.