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How to Use a Paddle Shifter? Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Only the drivers can understand the vitality of the paddle shift while driving. The term refers to mounted controls that are visible on the steering and utilized to change the gears. The driver can easily notice the paddle shifter.  It is displayed in the form of up and down shifts and rests on the steering. So, as soon as an individual grasps the steering, he can feel the paddle shifter. Paddle shifts are either electronically controlled gearbox for manual operation or have automatic controls, which allow the driver to execute the shifts, more rapidly than an individual does it while changing the gears using gearbox and clutch. Are you excited to know how to use a paddle shifter while driving your own car? Let’s explore how it actually works and how even you can use it while you are on the streets.

How to Use a Paddle Shifter- The Actual Process

So, it starts with the pulling back of the hinged paddle. This leads to a sending a signal to the transmission controller thereafter, which further activate solenoids for changing the gears. In some vehicles, it is possible to evade the use of the clutch. And, that becomes possible only when the engine power is electronically reduced. So, now the pressure on the gearbox will be minimized, as the functionality of the paddle shifter increases.

 Advise for how to use a paddle shifter
Tutorial for how to use a paddle shifter (Photo Source: BMW)

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Then the question arises why most of the automatic cars have a manual mode? What is the actual need for manual shifting? Well, the manual shifting gives you the chance to change the gears as and when required rather than depending on the gearbox to do so. The function of the clutch here is nil as now remains no mechanical link between the paddle shifters and the gear lever.

The question, ‘How to use a Paddle shifter’ seem to look simplified when you start doing it actually. Sometimes, there may occur situations when the manual transmission won’t go into gear, this is the time when you can really try paddle shifting. The process is quite simple! When using paddle shifter, you can simply pull the right shifter or the left shifter, as per your requirements. You can simply differentiate the shifter with the help of signs, where the right shifter is indicated by a (+) sign, left shifter, on the other hand, will be marked as a (-) sign. So, as soon as you press any of these shifters, an indicator will flash on the dashboard the gear that your vehicle is running on.

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Is it Easy to Shift Gears Using the Paddle Shifters? 

One can easily shift gears while driving using the paddle shifters. And, when the full power of the shifters is to be set up, pull the shifter up to the redline to enjoy the full functionality of the same. 1500 to 2500 RPMs- This is the range of shifting gears when you are using the paddle shifters. Driver must not expect the immediate change in the gears when using paddle shifters. The timings will almost be the same as that of the process, where gearbox and clutch are used. Also, it depends on the maintenance of the car, the proper functioning of the paddle shifters and even the gearbox and the clutch. So, get it checked at proper intervals.

Check out the video below to see How to Paddle Shift – Esasy Step by Step Tutorial:

The Final Words

So, next time you sit in your car, don’t forget to take a look at the paddle shifters pointed right there near your steering. And, next time when this question hits your mind – How to use a paddle shifter, don’t miss to read the process here.

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