Here’s How You Can Tell If The Car Amp is Blown

We all love to listen to some music while driving to the office or taking a long trip with friends. There is nothing more lovable than listening to the sound coming from the car amplifier. For the uninitiated, the amp in the car refers to the digital gadget, which increases the strength of signals through it, which is the sound signal. It provides the listener with better beats. Any damage to the amplifier will result in the outcome of poor sound coming from the speaker system. It is here many think about how to tell if your amp is blown.

How to Tell If Your Amp Is Blown

You should understand that in case the bass subwoofer stops functioning, the first thing, which the majority of car owners assume, is the amp has blown. However, at times, the RCA wires connected to the subwoofer often disconnect, which can lead to this issue.

Are you are not getting any sound from the amp? Do not assume that it has blown. You should follow specific tips to make sure everything is ok with it. We recommend you search online to find the best maintenance tips for keeping the car amp working to its max capacity.

Now, we shall provide further details on how you can check whether the car amp has blown or not. Firstly, you would require two essential components, mainly an amplifier and a screwdriver.

Check the Installation

Ensure to install and connect the amplifier properly. In case, the amp is in contact with the metal of the car; it might cause a problem. At times, the screws might be touching the metal. Another reason can be the amp contacting the conductive surface area.

In any of the cases mentioned above, it can cause the amplifier not to receive the power to switch on. It will lead the amplifier to switch to safety mode, where the green button would turn orange and eventually red. It is the first tip on how to tell if your amp is blown.

Also, make sure to link the blue cable from the audio wiring system and check the voltage.

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Check the Power

Make sure to check the ground system and the power. The amp requires a power input, which is positive. It will also need a negative power output to work efficiently. In case, the car amplifier not connected properly or the wiring is wrong; it would not work.

Another thing which car owners can do is take out both fuses and examine each. Check if any small metal wiring has snapped. You would need to reinstall the metal wiring, as it’s a key reason behind you thinking the amp has blown.

Check the Flashlight and Switch

We recommend you use a flashlight and check the bottom and the power to the amp. In case, the links are loose then tighten them. There might also be a chance of the fuse blowing up, which will cause the amplifier to malfunction.

Next, verify the switch for the signal and if the amp has not received any, make sure all connections are protected and active. Just switch on the power button, and if there is an input coming, the amp will power up, showing it is not blown.


If you are still wondering how to tell if your amp is blown then make sure to follow each of the steps mentioned above. It will also let you know of any other issues, which might result in the amplifier not functioning.