This is How to Secure A Car Door Without a Lock?

The reason for not locking your car could be anything. The fact that matters is how one person can secure a car door without a lock? If you too are seeking for the same thing, you are at the right place. Here you will come to know the best ever tricks to keep your car safe without even locking it.

So, let’s check out now!

The Best Way to Secure a Car Door without a Lock

You can secure the car door without a lock by following the right methods. A few of them are what we are going to discuss here. So, let’s check out various methods at the moment.

1. Choose the Safest Place

You can secure a car door without a lock by picking the secure parking area. Your car could be damaged even if its locked but being parked in the insecure and theft-prone area. If you are going to park the car at someone’s home, it’s preferable to park it under a shed or a garage. Moreover, the parking lots, which are under surveillance or have a security guard to keep an eye on your vehicle is the best choice. So, be careful while picking the area to leave your car alone for a while.

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2. Security Alarms

Whether or not you are near your car, you can protect it with burglar alarms. Thieves are pretty anxious about alarms and avoid attacking such vehicles that have a burglar alarm. Moreover, you can even use an alarm poster on from inside of your vehicle to beware the burglars about the alarm. This is the cautious trick to keep the thieves away from your vehicle. So, use the alarm to keep the burglars away and stay worry-free.

Different ways to secure a car door without a lock
Process to secure a car door without a lock. Source:

3. Take out all the Valuables

Not locking your car is, of course, a risky thing to do. But, you can handle it by taking all the valuable things out of the car. The important things could be anything like your purse, car papers, jewelry, gadgets, and much more. So, while going out of the car don’t forget to take them with yourself. In addition, for greater security, take off the steering as well. Yes, you read it right! Take the steering with you and make your car theft-free. It might seem a bit awkward, but it will protect your car for sure.

4. Manual Lock

This is the best way to ensure that your car is safe and sound. Almost every vehicle has the facility of the manual locking system. You can lock your car from the inside without using a key. Your car is equipped with numerous buttons on the door. Here you can click the automatic button while getting outside the car will lock it automatically when you will close the door. So, use it whenever you want to secure your car without locking the door.

So, use any of the above solutions to keep your vehicle safe.

Different methods to secure a car door without a lock
All about to secure a car door without a lock. Source: Youtube 

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In a Nutshell

The above methods would secure a car door without a lock and you can leave the car without even worrying about it. Moreover, you can find your own way to keep your vehicle safe by using some fail-proof maintenance tips and tricks.

So, keep your vehicle safe!