How to Turn off a Car Alarm – The Complete Guide

Undoubtedly, alarms are an important part of any car. Primarily, it is installed in the vehicles for enhancing the security of the driver and the car itself. It not only helps one to dismiss any gratuitous attempts to access the car but also ward off the thieving attempts, as and when required. But for some situations probably occur when you might need to shut it off while it causes noisy sounds or when the remote has malfunctioned, certainly. Such awful problems might disrupt normal public life. Any driver would possibly panic and just think of one thing- how to turn off car alarm in such a thwarting situation?

Well, knowing certain tips from the pro can come in handy at such times. And, here’s how!

How to Turn Off  Car Alarm in Less than 2 Minutes?

How to turn off a car alarm
Find out how to turn off car alarm. Source: wikihow

The car alarm can malfunction almost anywhere. One thing that everyone must know is that there is a Security system equipped with every car and alarm system to upkeep the safety against theft. It is quite comparable to the key chipped code, which is engendered by your vehicle when the ignition is turned on. It may even happen when you place the key in the door of your vehicle.

Follow these steps for getting through the situation like a pro!

 1. Step One- Try Opening the Door with the Key

This is the easiest option of how to turn off car alarm: Simply place your key into the driver’s side door to unlock the vehicle. Provided you have the car keys for yourself, you can try unlocking the side door. Since car alarms are designed to prevent thieves or people without a car key, the alarms shut off when a key is properly inserted to lock and unlock the car.

You can try to insert on every door side, but we recommend to test on the driver’s side for more effectiveness. And if the door is already locked, car owners should unlock, then lock and unlock again.

How to turn off a car alarm
Drivers would possibly panic and just think of one thing How to turn off a car alarm. Source: philkotse

If your car has the key fob, it is time to use it to lock and unlock the door. Car owners can apply the same technique which turns off various factory car alarms. To be more specific, drivers need to stand close enough to the car for it to recognize the key fob. After that, just simply press the lock and unlock button to shut the car alarms down.

And if the door locks are not opening, there might be two cases: The first case is that the batteries in the key fob might be dead. You just need to change new batteries and try again. The other case is that there might be a special option to turn off the alarm. You should find whether there is a “switch” button that needs to be turned on.

Last but not least, remember to avoid the panic button. This is a button painted yellow or orange on the key fob. If drivers press it, their cars flash light and honk. When the panic situation is activated, you need to either press the button again, or start the car and drive. 

What if you have a push-key button? Well, in that case, you can find the hidden key inside. This really helps, especially when the remote has malfunctioned. Look for a petite button on the side of the key fob. Push it with the fingernail to get the hidden key. Now can simply unlock the car to reset the alarm.

 2. Step Two- Head to the Ignition and Open it

This is without a doubt the most obvious step in the guideline of how to disconnect car alarm. Driver can put the key in the ignition in order to turn off the car alarm. The key chipped code will be generated by the vehicle, as the car is able to recognize the key. And, when this happens, the alarm of your car will turn off.

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 3. Step Three- Reach the Alarm Fuse

In order to perform this step, car owners need to locate the alarm fuse. It is usually just below the steering wheel. Some modern automobiles have more than one fuse box, so you should use a manual for finding the one with the fuse powering car alarm. Or just search for its location online like we did. 

Once you have successfully located the right fuse, it is time to take it off. Be careful when removing plastic trim pieces of your interior because they are fragile and easy to break. For that reason, car owners should use pliers to remove the fuse. 

If it is the correct fuse, the alarm should go off immediately. However, if it is impossible for you to identify the right one, drivers should remove and replace fuses one at the time. Eventually, you will be able to remove the correct fuse. After the replacement, car owners can use the tweezers in order to slide the fuse back once the alarm has turned off.

Normally, the alarm will continue to be shutted off even after the fuse is reinserted into the fuse box. Nevertheless, if it immediately reactivates once drivers slide the fuse back into place, the alarm is having issues. You might need a car repairman in order to fix this problem.  

One more thing to remember that some aftermarket car alarms do not have a fuse in the fuse box, so be sure to check it beforehand.

 4. Detach the Battery of the Vehicle

Last but not least, removing the battery is also a solution for how to disconnect car alarm. In order to detach the battery, you need to be able to locate it. Unlike the fuse box, a car battery is easy to find. Drivers can just open the hood in the engine compartment and there it is. If you cannot find it, there are more likely that it is in the trunk with the purpose of improving weight distribution and saving space. 

Once you manage to find the battery, it is time to disconnect the ground wire located in the negative terminal. Driver can find this terminal by searching the minus symbol or the letters “NEG”. Another way is to track the thick black cable which connects to the body of the car. 

Car owners should hold a wrench in order to make the job easier. By loosening the nut and sliding the cable off of the terminal, you can shut off the alarm completely. But if the alarm is still on, maybe there are some backup batteries remaining. 

In some aftermarket car alarms, there are small backup batteries which support the alarm functioning. So wait for a moment, and the computer will reset. Drivers must not forcefully reset the computer of the automobile since it might lose the data.    

The last step for car owners is to reconnect the battery, after around one hour waiting. Drivers can now reconnect the ground cable to the negative terminal on the battery. Also, drivers should make sure the cables are tightened and start the car to make sure there are no further issues.

How to turn off a car alarm
How to turn off a car alarm you can disconnect the battery. Source:Getty Images

Car owners can give this video a check if you needed further instruction of how to shut off car alarm:

Final Words

Car alarms are definitely one of the most vital parts of any vehicle. But when it malfunctions, make sure you know these tips to fix the issue right away, without embarrassing yourself in the middle of the road. So, next time don’t worry or ask anyone how to turn off a car alarm, just follow these tricks and save yourself from the trouble.