How to Replace Manual Transmission Fluid? A Complete Walkthrough

Smooth movement of a car is all that a man desires. This is possible only when all the gears that coalesce together to create movement have least of friction. Manual transmission fluids make this possible. When worried about how to replace manual transmission fluid, looking at the following section becomes essential.

How to Replace Manual Transmission Fluid? A Step by Step Guide

Generally, it is recommended to change your manual transmission fluid after you cover at least 30,000 miles or to the max, 60,000 miles. The fluid changing gap depends on the car model greatly. If in case you are stressing your transmission, changing these fluids becomes essential after covering 15,000 miles.

When concerned about how to move through the process, refer to the section below.

1. Loosen the Filler Bolt

The first and the foremost step involve mounting your vehicle up the jack stands. Once you are done with this, locate the filler plug on the upper area of the transmission hardware. You need to unscrew the both using a fitting wrench. Remember not to unbolt completely but only loosen the screw.

Turn the wrench anti-clockwise to unbolt the filler. If the bolt appears to be stuck, apply lubricant sprays and let it reside for about an hour or so. If still facing issues, visit your nearby mechanic for effective services.

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2. Detach the Drain Bolt

The next step involves appropriately loosening the drain plug when how to replace manual transmission fluid is in question. It is a bolt that you may find on the transmission’s bottom. You could use a wrench for doing so. But remember to place a pan underneath so that the impurity ridden oil gets accumulated.

Unbolt the loosened bolt and let every drop of transmission oil drain off.

3. Cleanse the Magnet and Detach the Filler Bolt

One should know that there is a magnet located on the inside of the drain bolt. This usually attracts all the metal shavings over time. Cleanse the magnet thoroughly so that no speck of metal stays on it.

It is now that you could unplug the loosened filler bolt. This step was delayed to restrict the mess that would have followed when unbolting the drain bolt. This means that over splashing and all at once draining was done away with.

4. Reinstate the Drain Bolt

Now that you have cleaned the drain plug and its magnet, replacing it to its original position is done. Rotate it with the hand first until no more revolving is possible.

Now you could tighten it thoroughly with a wrench to make sure there is no room left for loosened bolts. If you go wrong somewhere or feel lost, consulting a repair specialist is never too late.

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5. Fill the Oil and Put on the Filler Bolt

Add fresh gear oil back into the filler pump using a pipe or a filler pump. Fill the oil until it reaches the filler’s brim. Once the oil starts to overflow, you may stop. Refer to maintenance tips to know risks that may result from fluid overflow.

Everything You Need To Know About how to replace manual transmission fluid
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Bolt back the filler bolt usually with the hand until it is tightened to an appropriate level. Use a wrench to get sure that the filler bolt will now move from its place. You’re done! Unclamp your car and go for an unrestricted drive.

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The mentioned criterion was a simple step by step process that teaches how to replace manual transmission fluid. Remember to follow the instructions strictly to get a drive experience worth your efforts.