What will Happen if I Drive Without Transmission Fluid?

On driving to the office, home, or any dream destination, if you’re running out of transmission fluid, the first thing that strikes the mind- how long can I drive without transmission fluid? Alternatively, what will be the after effects of driving without this fluid?

Well, the answer to this lies with the type of transmission embedded in cars. In simple words, whether the transmission is manual or automatic; will decide the repercussions of driving without this fluid.

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After-Effects- When You Drive Without Transmission Fluid

Like engine oil, the transmission fluid is also essential for a car to run smoothly. It allows all the gearbox components to shift easily without causing any noise. That’s why, with several types of transmission fluid available in the market, one must first concern the mechanic to find the ideal fluid for the car.

Now, with no more fuss, let’s find out what happens in automatic as well as manual cars when you think of driving without transmission fluid.

1. Cars With Automatic Transmission

In an automatic cars transmission system, the fluid has a vital role to play as; it assists the torque converter to transfer all the power to the engine. Moreover, the internal clutches also need this fluid for their proper functioning inside the car system.

In other words, when you drive without transmission fluid, the hydraulic pump will wear out, resulting in gear stuck into neutral firmly. As a consequence, the car will not move at all.

2. Cars With Manual Transmission

Contrarily, a manual transmission reacts differently to no fluid situation. Although one can drive without transmission fluid, it will generate some trouble signs, later.

1. Overheated Transmission

After effects if you drive without transmission fluid
Drive without transmission fluid causes Overheated Transmission

Transmission fluid keeps the whole unit cool, which prevents the overheating of the system. So, in case you’re running the vehicle without this fluid, you may get a whiff of burning.

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2. Grinding Noise

When the clutch is fully engaged while there’s no transmission fluid, you may hear a grinding noise on shifting the gears. The major reason behind this trouble is non-lubricated clutch parts of the car, which are finding it difficult to shift smoothly on gear change. As a result, the gear synchronizer wears out producing annoying noise, which may get damage completely if not taken for car maintenance timely.

3. Delayed Gear Engagement

No transmission fluid means the negligible amount of pressure in the transmission system. As a result, on gear change, you have to wait for a while (2-3 seconds), before the car actually gets into the desired gear.

4. Gear Slipping

On driving with no transmission fluid, the gear may slip suddenly, which in turn forces the gear stick back into the neutral stage.

5. Transmission Failure

Lastly, if any of the above transmission effects are not repaired timely, you may have to seek complete replacement of this system at later stages.

Drive without transmission fluid issues
Drive without transmission fluid results in Transmission Failure

In a nutshell, if you still drive without transmission fluid, then get ready to pay tons of money for the replacement of the whole transmission system.

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