Surefire Tips On How to Remove Cement From Car

Did you recently drive your car through the wet cement? And, now finding an answer for how to remove cement from car? Well, you are at the right place. Whether it’s a stone dried or just the stains of cement, you will get the effective DIY solutions right here.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s get to the business now!

The Best Solutions for How to Remove Cement from Car

The best cement softening ideas from your car are here that you can try anytime.

1. Vinegar- The Cleaner of Everything

As you everyone knows, vinegar has the super-cleansing property, which can be used to clean the cement form your car as well. To do so, all you need is water, spray bottle, paper towel, and pure white vinegar. First, remove the fresh cement (if there is any) with the paper towel. Next, what do you have to do is just pour equal quantity of water and vinegar into the spray bottle and spew it on the cement. Immediately after spraying the mixture, put some paper towel onto the stain. Remember, do not rub or scrap as it can make the things worst. Let the paper towel sit on the stain for a few minutes.

Explore how to remove cement from car
Process of how to remove cement from car

Due to the acidity of vinegar, it reverses the hardening process of concrete and the cement will start to lift up. When you see this happening, lift up as much cement as possible by applying more vinegar. Repeat the process until the concrete goes off your car completely. This is how to remove cement from car properly.

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2. Mild Acidic Cleaner- Gentle yet Effective

We saw that how the strong acidity of vinegar swayed the cement to come off, now let’s check out, how the mild acidic cleaner would gently get the concrete out of your car.

For that concern, you need a cleansing product with mild acidic. Now the real question is- why are we using the gentle solution to remove such stiff concrete? Well, the solid bond of alkaline cement is more likely to be removed by mild acidic than any other constituent. To get the cement out of your car without using any maintenance tips, by simply applying it on the stain, let it sit until you see the cement being separated from the bottom, and clean it with the help of a sponge. Just to make a cautious statement, mild acidic could be harmful to your car and skin, therefore, do not forget to wear the gloves and other safety equipment, at all.

3. Salt- Quickest Solution

In this method, you would need a bowl, paper towel, knife or water razor, and the salt of course. Make a concentrated solution of water and salt. Put the paper towel into this solution and let it soak the solution completely. Now, put the soaked paper towel on the area from where you want to take off the cement.

How to remove cement from car problems
How to remove cement from car issues

Leave it for 30 minutes. Take a knife or water razor and scrap the cement in such careful way that you don’t make any scratch on car’s body. In case of leftover stains, add some more solution and repeat the whole process.

There you have it, the three best solutions for your problem “how to remove cement from car?” You can use these methods to remove cement from windows, surface, or any portion of the car. So, enjoy your ride without worrying about the car stains.

For more specific, you can watch the video below to better understand how to remove cement from your car.