How To Push Start A Vehicle Without Using A Hill?

Push starting an automobile is never a nice experience. The top reason behind a car not starting can be the dead batteries. A car battery needs replacement after every 4-5 years. Some people know how to push start a vehicle with dead batteries. But not all are familiar with the same. Pushing the vehicle from a hill road is easy. Many drivers start the vehicle by setting it in motion down the hill. The car starts to roll down and starts. But it is fairly difficult to shove the car on plain roads.

However if you know the technique to start your vehicle without using a hill, then it can help. Bump starting a car can be dangerous. You might end in serious troubles by skipping the professional guidelines. The risks of blunder are higher when you try to crash-start a vehicle.

Let us discuss the guide to help you push start a car without facing any troubles.

How To Push Start A Vehicle On Flat Surfaces?

It is not less than a skill to push start an automobile. The experts often call this process as roll starting. Professional drivers with years of experience know how to start the engine with dead batteries. The rotational movement of the wheels helps to turn the engine ON. The roll starting thing can happen only with manual cars. You can check the battery wire or switches. It is because a dead battery is a chief reason behind this blunder.

Let us find the steps to roll-start a vehicle easily.

1. Turn The Ignition ON

It is much easier to start the vehicle when rolling down a hill. But it is hard to push start a car by own on a flat surface. You might need someone to push the car while you sit on the driver seat. A person assisting you might know how to push start a vehicle.

Parking your car on the flat road is essential. The rolling car might end up in serious troubles. You have to turn ON the ignition and put the vehicle in neutral. Disengage the parking brakes if active.

How to push start a vehicle? Defined
Parking your car on the flat road is essential (Photo Source: pixabay)


2. Push The Car

You have to push the car from the driver side. So you can jump inside and control the car accordingly. It is because the vehicle will roll freely once you push it. Put your hand on the parking brake to stop the car in case of an emergency. You have to locate the steering wheel to change the directions quickly.

You have to push the car until it reaches a certain speed. According to expert maintenance tips, it is necessary to stay calm when you push start a car. Losing patience will result in nothing but troubles.

3. Put The Car In Second Gear

Jump into the car when it achieves a speedy motion. Try to take the sit and take the position speedily. Press the clutch and put the car in second gear. You have to release the clutch pedal slowly. The engine will start once you release the clutch.

Wrapping Up

That is all on how to push start a vehicle by own. If the engine does not start at first, give it a second attempt. Call a mechanic if the problem is still there.