How to Position a Car on a 2 Post Lift

A 2 post car lift is one of the most useful tools that you can have in your garage. This tool makes it easier to do all kinds of car repairs. It lifts up a vehicle, so you don’t need to crawl under it when doing the fixing. If you know how to position a car on a 2 post lift, all of your garage work will be easier and free of hassle.

How to Position a Car on a 2 Post Lift

Remember that the car may fall off if you fail to position it properly on the post lift. So, you will need to follow all these steps very carefully.

Set up the Car Lift

Before lifting the car, you will need to set up and position the 2 post lift. You should have enough space in your garage for this tool. Place it on a level surface that does not have any bump and the area should have open entry points. The post lift should not tilt in any way, as it may cause accidents.

Position the Car

You should proceed with caution in this step because a wrong move can damage the car or cause an injury to you and others. The 2 post lift’s arms have to be in a slanting position for making it easier for the vehicle to get into the lifting point.

how to position a car on a 2 post lift
The vehicle should be stable. (Source: Picryl)

Having a Spotting Dish will be more convenient since the 2 post lift is likely to come with a user manual explaining how to position the car on it. Keep the vehicle at the middle point of the lifting podium while the posts of the lift will stay parallel on both sides.

Position the Swing Arms

Before doing so, check the adapters of the lift. There are various types of adapters and you have to choose them according to the body type of the vehicle. These adapters help the lift to grip and hoist the vehicle.

Now, identify the vehicle’s lifting point mentioned in the user manual. Move the post’s swing arms to the point and position there properly.

Power up the Lift

Give the power connection to the 2 post lift and elevate the car a little above the ground. At that point, check if all four wheels are at the same height. From the front and rear side, try to rock the car with your hands. If it seems stable enough, move to the next step.


Elevate the Car

If the car wheels appear to be at the same level and the car seems stable, elevate it to the required height. Adjust that height by using the lift’s control panel. There should be a button or a lever to lock up the vehicle to a specific elevation.

Now, you can do all types of cleaning and repair work without crawling underneath the car. This is how to position a car on a 2 post lift.

Lower the Car

When the cleaning or repair work is done, you will need to lower the car and dismount it on the ground. At first, depress the lock button or lever and then lower the car slowly on the lifting platform by using the control panel.